11 Best Mailshake Alternatives to Try

Andy Cabasso

June 27th

Person wondering if there are Mailshake alternatives.

Have you been considering Mailshake for your sales outreach campaigns but aren’t entirely convinced that it’s the tool for you? Are you wondering whether any Mailshake alternatives would suit you better?

Let’s not beat around the bush – The success of your email campaigns largely depends on the software you use to schedule and deliver messages. Sure, the email’s subject line, the opening paragraph, the offer, and even when you send it would affect the campaign’s performance. 

But without having the right tool, all your efforts to plan and craft an amazing outreach campaign will be in vain. 

Now, Mailshake is by far one of the leading sales automation tools. But it’s not the only one, and its feature set isn’t ideal for everyone either. 

So, in this guide, I’ll show you 11 alternatives to Mailshake and explain what makes them a better option for your next sales outreach campaign. 

But first, let’s talk more about Mailshake.

What is Mailshake and What Does It Do, Specifically?

Mailshake is a sales engagement and automation software. 

It didn’t start as one, though. The tool (originally called contentmarketer.io) initially focused on helping content marketers notify influencers of new content. Over time, the tool shifted its focus to helping email marketers plan and build outreach campaigns. And since then, it evolved further to incorporate a power dialer, and it now also helps teams conduct more cold calls at a scale. 

In general, however, the tool still focuses on what a typical outreach tool should do – Reach new prospects, engage with them, and initiate a sales conversation. 

Typical sales email cadence in Mailshake.

(Mailshake follows the same process as any other sales outreach tool.)

Because of that, Mailshake offers all the most common features you’d expect from the tool. Here are just some of its capabilities:

  • Automating email outreach, sending cold emails and follow-ups, and tracking responses. 
  • Mailshake also includes features to help send personalized messages to prospects to increase the possibility of success. 
  • Campaign scheduling and management options.
  • Analytics to help you understand the campaign’s performance better.
  • Email templates and campaign templates to get your launch campaigns faster, and so on.

But Mailshake is no longer a tool just for cold email outreach. The platform now also offers the option to conduct cold calls from within the app and incorporate social media into outreach campaigns. 

And let’s face it, that broader focus might not make it ideal for you. 

Why a Mailshake Alternative Might Be Better?

Person confused on deciding the right decision.

Great as Mailshake is, it doesn’t come without certain drawbacks. 

We’ve covered one of those already – The tool’s focus on outreach overall, rather than just email. This approach is perfect if you plan to run both email and cold calling campaigns. But you might not need to pay for cold calling features when all you need is a great email outreach tool. That brings us to the next point…

  • Mailshake can be expensive, particularly if you plan on using it across a larger team. Mailshake’s email outreach tools cost $44 per user per month. This means that you can rack up a hefty $220 fee per month even with just five users. If you want to use additional features like social selling or a power dialer, your costs might go up to $375 per month for the same team of five. Finally, judging by the tool’s pricing page, Mailshake offers only annual billing, meaning that you need to invest heavily in the tool upfront. 
  • No trial. Mailshake doesn’t offer a free trial. You can ask for a one-to-one demo, but you can’t take the product for a spin before buying.
  • Mailshake is complex too. This isn’t a particularly bad thing, of course. But it means that the tool might be overwhelming for users who are only getting started in email outreach or need just the basic functionality.
  • Email deliverability issues. Some users and reviewers who tried Mailshake report poor email deliverability. Unfortunately, that can be an issue when your email messages end up in your prospects’ spam folders

So, what’s the alternative? What other sales automation platforms could you use to connect with more prospects and generate leads? 

Let’s take a look.

11 Amazing Mailshake Alternatives to Try

#1. Postaga – The Complete Sales Outreach Platform for Teams

Postaga - the best Mailshake alternative on the market.
(Postaga dashboard showing the results of a sales outreach campaign.)

Postaga (disclaimer – this is our tool) is a complete sales outreach tool that helps sales teams like yours send cold emails at a scale, reach more prospects, engage them with highly personalized messages, and schedule more meetings and sales calls. 

And we’ve jam-packed it with features and functionality you need to deliver highly-successful cold email outreach campaigns:

  • Outreach list builder. With Postaga, you can easily find potential prospects and people you’d like to connect with. Postage will also find those people’s contact information, including names, email addresses, job titles, and social media profiles. 
  • Social media integration to put yourself on those people’s radar. Use this functionality to introduce yourself to potential leads on social media.
  • Campaign builder to help you build powerful sales outreach cadences with ease. We’ve even included templates to help you quickly get started with email outreach. 
  • Email personalization options to make emails unique to each recipient.
  • Outreach assistant. Postaga features a powerful AI assistant to help you improve your emails even further. 
  • Email deliverability. With Postaga, you control how many emails you send per day to increase the deliverability of your messages. 
  • Built-in CRM to help you keep track of your leads and the next actions to take to convert them. 
  • Analytics to show you how your campaigns perform. 
  • And so much more.

Pricing: First of all, unlike Mailchimp, Postaga does offer a fully-functional, 14-day trial so you can explore and test all of its features. Paid pricing plans start at $99 per month and include five user seats. 

Want to get started with email outreach? Check out Postaga, the complete platform for sales automation and cold email outreach for sales teams. Free trial available.  

#2. Woodpecker

Another alternative to Mailshake.

Woodpecker is another outbound sales tool you could consider using instead of Mailchimp. It offers all the core features to help you plan and schedule cold email campaigns and send follow-ups. It also includes advanced analytics that allows you to track email bounce rates, reply rates, and more. 

That said, compared to other similar tools, Woodpecker lacks prospecting features such as email extraction and email verification. This means that to use it, you need to build an outreach list first, find and verify prospects’ email addresses and import them into the tool. 

Pricing: Woodpecker pricing starts at $39/mo per slot, where each slot represents an email address that you’d like to send emails from. So, if you plan to use five email addresses in your campaigns, your monthly fee will be $195.

#3. Gmass

Mailshake alternative for Gmail.

Gmass is quite a unique Mailshake alternative. First of all, Gmass is not a separate tool but a Gmail plugin. Because of that, Gmass works with Gmail accounts only and allows you to send cold emails directly from Gmail, using outreach lists you store in Google Sheets. That tight integration with Google Sheets is one of the tool’s biggest advantages. With Gmass, you can connect to Google Sheets and send personalized emails using any column in a spreadsheet. 

On top of that, because Gmass resides inside your Gmail, you don’t have to learn another interface to manage cold outreach campaigns. 

The downside, however, is that it can significantly clutter your inbox. 

Pricing: Pricing starts at $19/user/month, but to be able to have email sequences and follow-ups, it starts at $29/user/month.

#4. Outreach.io

Enterprise-level tool to use instead of Mailshake.

Outreach.io is a great Mailshake alternative for larger, enterprise-level companies. The makers refer to the tool as the Sales Execution Platform, and even at first glance, you can see that they’ve built it to cater to larger sales teams’ needs. 

The tool offers several tools, each focusing on streamlining a different aspect of your work. And so, Outreach.io features sales engagement tools, revenue engagement capabilities, and more. 

Pricing: Outreach.io does not make its pricing publicly available. 

#5. SendPulse

Bulk email sending service.

SendPulse differs from the other tools on the list by its focus on automating multi-channel marketing initiatives. SendPulse combines several delivery channels and lets you manage your email outreach, push notifications, SMS, Viber, and more. As part of its suite of tools, SendPulse allows users to create and deliver email marketing campaigns, from email newsletters to announcements and more. 

Pricing: SendPulse’s basic email marketing features are free. Paid plans start at €5.60/month, with the final rate depending on the size of your email list. 

#6. Reply.io

Another sales outreach tool to use instead of Mailchimp.

Reply.io is another multi-channel outreach platform that you could use as an alternative to Mailshake. Reply.io’s outbound sales tool lets you automate and scale sales prospecting, deliver cold email sequences, an AI email assistant, and even a power dialer to help your cold calling teams scale their outreach efforts.

Pricing: Reply.io pricing plans start at $70/month per user, and you need to onboard a minimum no. of 3 users, to begin with. 

#7. MixMax

Sales engagement platform.

Mixmax is another Gmail plugin that extends the Google product’s capabilities with tools to help you streamline sales engagement directly from your inbox. Mixmax product provides you with precise email tracking, link previews, email sequences, automations, and more to help you get more done faster. 

Pricing: The basic version of Mixmax is free, although it doesn’t offer any email outreach capabilities. Paid plans that include sales automation features start at $49 per user per month. 

#8. RightInbox

Tool for setting up sales cadences.

RightInbox is a Gmail productivity plugin that helps manage and scale email campaigns directly from the inbox. What’s interesting about it is that it’s run by the same company that builds Mailshake, making it a perfect Mailshake alternative for Gmail users. 

RightInbox offers a much simpler feature set compared to Mailshake. This is because the tool’s primary focus is on email tracking and reminders within Gmail’s inbox. That said, the tool also offers the ability to set up simple email sequences and deliver cold email outreach from Gmail.

Pricing: You can use RightInbox to send 10 emails for free each month. Paid plan costs $7.95/mo.

#9. Gmelius

CRM with sales cadences.

As its name suggests, Gmelius also works as a Gmail plugin, bringing a whole range of features and capabilities to help improve your sales team’s productivity directly in the inbox. 

Gmelius can transform your inbox into a CRM with Kanban boards, pipeline stages, email automations, and also, email sequences that allow you to send sales drip campaigns directly from Gmail. 

Pricing: Gmelius’ plans start at #7 per user per month; however, to avail of email sequences, you need to sign up for a Growth plan at $24/month. 

#10. HubSpot SalesHub

An all-in-one sales software that's better than Mailshake.

HubSpot is one of the most recognized software brands, used by thousands of b2b companies to drive sales, manage customer relationships, and even offer customer support. The company also offers a dedicated SalesHub among its products. This powerful sales software helps teams build, scale, and manage customer relationships to close more deals over and over again. 

As part of the SalesHub, HubSpot offers sales automation tools that let you set up and deliver email cadences and follow up with prospects to start sales conversations with them. 

Pricing: HubSpot SalesHub offers a limited free plan. To use the tool for managing sales sequences, you need to sign up for a Professional Plan at $450/mo. 

#11. CirrusInsight

A complete sales outreach tool.

CirrusInsight is another all-in-one platform for sales teams, offering features and capabilities to help them close more deals at scale. 

As part of the platform, CirrusInsight offers a Sales Cadences tool you can use to schedule various cadences to engage with prospects. For example, you can build email cadences, schedule a sequence of tasks and reminders, or even build a cadence of sales calls you need to make to keep sales going. 

Pricing: CirrusInsight’s price plans start at $10/user/month for a basic Salesforce integration. Plans offering sales sequencing features start at $24/user/mo.

And there you have it…

Eleven amazing Mailshake alternatives to help you launch powerful sales cadences and connect with more prospects at a scale.

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