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I’m booking podcast interviews in just 5-10 minutes each month. The win rate is amazing!

Dayana Mayfield

Dayana Mayfield

Dayana Mayfield is a digital PR strategist at Pitch & Profit. She helps tech and B2B companies grow their brands with online publicity. Through her digital PR training, she has helped dozens of entrepreneurs and marketers combine PR with SEO to become the authority in their niche and win search rankings.

Since using Postaga, she’s found a quick and easy way to book podcasts for herself and her clients. 

Her wins include:

12% win-rate on podcast pitches

Reliably booking 3 podcasts per month

Spending just 5-10 minutes on monthly campaigns

Why Podcasts?

Dayana has long been a fan of guest blogging. She previously ranked her SaaS copywriting business’s website with guest blogging as the main linkbuilding strategy. 

But solely relying on writing for backlinks is exhausting. After all, writing is a lot of work. Because of her network of content managers, she can book a guest post on a site with a DR of 50 by only sending a few LinkedIn messages or emails. But then, she would have to write the article. Writing guest posts can take anywhere from one to four hours, depending on the length and quality of the post that the website expects.

While she still uses guest blogging, Dayana was looking for a way to switch up her strategy and spend less time on linkbuildling. 

I wanted to diversify my linkbuilding strategy so that I could not only build more links in less time but also get in front of new audiences.

Dayana decided to tackle podcast guesting as her next linkbuilding strategy. 

Podcasts are a smart way to drive backlinks to your SEO content while building new relationships and getting in front of your ideal audience at the same time. The more popular the podcast, the better!

Pro Tip: At the end of a podcast interview, the host will typically ask the guest “Where can we find you?” Dayana uses this opportunity wisely.

“At the end of every interview, I always mention a free downloadable resource page that is SEO optimized and has a short and simple URL.”

Podcast hosts typically link to the URL you mention in the show notes, like this example from the Well-Paid Creative podcast:

backlinks to a website from show notes in a podcast
When you use a URL that is SEO optimized but also short and simple, you get the backlink from the show notes, and you are also more likely to get direct traffic from listeners who can easily recall your URL and type it into a web browser. Always say the URL twice so listeners will remember it.

Booking Podcasts Without Postaga

While podcasts are a great source of both links and direct traffic, pitching them does take time. The hardest part is the manual research. 

Manual podcast research is very time consuming. You need to find the right podcasts, make sure that they’re still active, and find contact information. Once you’ve got the contact information, you then need to manually enter that and paste over your email template. It can take a couple hours just to contact a dozen podcast hosts. 

While Dayana still advocates for some manual research when it comes to booking extremely popular podcasts, she finds Postaga to be a much smarter solution for pitching mid-tier shows.

Booking Podcasts With Postaga 

Dayana found out about Postaga from a SaaS entrepreneur client who is also a big believer in the power of linkbuilding for SEO. 

She gave it a try and was immediately impressed with the podcast campaign features. 

Postaga handles podcast research and pitching for me. I use it to find podcasts based on topic keywords, check that the podcast is still active, view the total number of episodes so I’m not pitching brand new podcasts, and pull up the host’s contact information. 

She can set up a campaign in just 5 to 10 minutes. Each month, she creates a campaign to reach out to about 15 to 30 shows. This is enough to hit her goal of 3 podcast interviews per month. 

“The win rate is amazing! I’m converting 12% of my podcast host leads into scheduled interviews.”

guest podcasting pitch email

Dayana has also noticed an impressive accuracy in the contact information. Once, she received a reply from a different domain than the podcast she had pitched, and was confused about who was replying until she realized it was the podcast production agency, not the host. 

For more established and popular podcasts, Postaga can even find the right contact information for podcasts that are managed by an agency, so you’re reaching out to the podcast producer directly, not a host who doesn’t handle booking.

Podcast guest outreach campaign statistics in Postaga

Final Tips

It’s so easy to get “yeses” that Dayana has had to pay close attention to how many contacts she adds in campaigns. She also pays attention to specific details to make sure that the podcast is high quality. 

Most podcasts that have at least 70 episodes also have a decent domain rank, so if you want to do podcast guesting purely for SEO reasons, only pitch shows with a high number of episodes. 

She’s booked new client work from podcasts, and has also made sales for her digital training programs. Often, this traffic comes from someone listening to the podcast and directly navigating to her website. That’s why she’s a strong believer in using digital PR for linkbuilding, so you get direct traffic plus links. 

“I think it’s important to focus on linkbuilding and direct traffic at the same time. Why not? Why not get your business in front of new audiences while generating backlinks? Podcast interviews establish a special bond between you and the listener. They have a chance to hear your voice, get to know you as a person, and learn how your business can help them. People who find out about you from a podcast can turn into your most fanatical leads and customers because of that human connection.”

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