Creating personalized messages for each contact in an outreach campaign

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This help doc comes from a user who asks:

“In the event that we make a personalized video for each company, how would we introduce it in the campaigns so that each URL reaches the correct company?”

Here is what you will need to do.

First, you will need to create a merge field (help doc here) under the “contact” area. So, this will be a contact level merge field, where the contents of the merge field will be unique to each individual contact you are reaching out to.

Next, you will need to edit your templates / sequences to include that new merge field. That new merge variable will show up in your email templates on the right side of the page under the “custom variables” section. You can click on it or copy/paste it to insert that field wherever it is appropriate.

email template creation screen in Postaga

So, now we get to the actual campaign creation.

When you get to the “Get Contacts” stage of creating your campaign, at the top of the section there will be buttons for Basic / Expanded views.

expanded view of contacts in Postaga

Click the Expanded view.

Now, add your URL into the appropriate custom merge field box that you created. Repeat that for each contact you want to reach out to.

Next, when you get to the Email Preview section, you should see the unique URLs showing up for each contact when you preview their emails.

And that’s how it is done.

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