How do I Set Up a Custom Sending Email?

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When using Postaga, you may want to send your campaigns from your own domain and name so it appears that emails are coming directly from you, rather than Postaga.

As a default, your emails sent from Postaga will send from an “” email address rather than “@[your-website]”.

If you want to send from an email address at your website, you can do this in Postaga!

There are two steps to setting this up:

  1. Setting up your Profile
  2. Setting up Custom Domain

Setting Up Your Profile

To set up your user name for how it will appear in email campaigns, go to Settings > Profile.

user profile screen in Postaga

As a default, the information you entered in setting up your account will fill in the fields.

The fields are:

  • First Name – your first name as it will appear in email headers
  • Last Name – your last name as it will appear in email headers
  • User Email – your email address used to login to Postaga (cannot be changed)
  • Receiving Email – the address all email replies will send to (this can be whatever email address you want)
  • Outreach Email – the emaill address your campaigns are sent from (this can be changed by setting up a Custom Domain)

If you have not set up a Custom Domain (instructions below) then you cannot change the outreach email address.

However, once you complete the Custom Domain steps, your Profile screen will look like this:

user profile screen in Postaga

After a Custom Domain is set up, you can modify your Outreach Email address to whatever username you choose.

Next, let’s show you how to set up a custom domain.

Setting Up a Custom Domain

In Postaga, as a default, your emails will send under a domain (e.g. “[email protected]”).

You can change this, however, by setting up a custom domain of your choice with Postaga.

To set up a custom domain, you will need:

  1. A domain (you can use your existing business website; you do not need a competely new domain for this)
  2. Access to edit your chosen domain’s DNS records

To do this, first go to Settings > APIs.

APIs screen in Postaga

You will see that Use Custom Domain will have an X over it and a message saying “You are currently sending as [your account name] <[unique-account]>”

To set up a custom domain, click the check-mark next to Use Custom Domain.

custom domain screen in Postaga

Now, a pop-up should walk you through the steps to set up a custom domain.

Click Continue at the bottom of the screen.

Next, you will need to choose a URL on your domain that you will send Postaga emails from. 

It is highly recommended that you choose a subdomain (e.g. “m.[your-site].com”) on your website rather than the main domain (e.g. “[your-site].com”).

Enter your chosen custom domain and then click Save Domain.

custom domain setup for subdomain sending in postaga

Next, we will need to configure our DNS records. Click Okay to close the window.

custom domain final screen

Now that we are back in our API screen, you will see that there are unique DNS records that need to be added to your domain’s DNS account.

These DNS records to be added are unique specifically to your account.

You will need to log into your domain’s DNS provider (e.g. GoDaddy, Namecheap, Cloudflare, etc.) and add the records for your account.

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Once the DNS records are added, you can click “Recheck DNS” at the bottom of this page, and Postaga will verify the records.

custom dns domain check postaga

Once you see the checkmarks next to the MX records, your custom domain is confirmed. Note that this could take up to 24 hours to take effect after the records are changed.

Now, any campaigns that you send out will send from your custom domain.

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