Spintax Guide: Using Spintax to Boost Email Deliverability

Andy Cabasso

June 15th

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One in every six emails sent never hit the inbox, according to Return Path.

That’s a massive barrier to the performance of your email outreach campaigns.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to improve email deliverability — one of which is to start using spintax.

But what the heck is Spintax? And how can it help more of your emails reach their intended source?

Find out by reading our Spintax guide…

What Is Spintax?

The word “Spintax” is an amalgamation of the phrase “spinning syntax”.

It’s a technique for quickly creating content in bulk while avoiding duplication by creating multiple variants of an original article (or email, or social post, or some other type of content).

To give a simple example, you could use Spintax to create variations on a standard email greeting, such as:

  • “Hey {{contact_first}}”
  • “Hi {{contact_first}}”
  • “Aloha {{contact_first}}”

Of course, it doesn’t stop there.

The more places you use Spintax, the more variations you’ll end up with, and the more your “spun” copy will differ from the original content.

What Is Spintax Used For?

Any time you need to craft bulk content that still feels fresh and compelling, Spintax can help.

However, it’s most commonly used by content creators when writing things like:

Social Media Posts

Social networks want users to post high-quality, original content.

By extension, they don’t want publishers to share identical posts over and over again. It’s boring and unengaging.

To that end, Facebook has long been taking steps to crack down on pages that don’t provide “unique value” to readers.

Email Content

Similar story; inbox providers prioritize quality email content.

After all, if literally every email you received was a waste of time, you’d stop using it. And if everyone does that, inbox providers are out of a job.

So if you send thousands of identical emails, you risk harming your email deliverability.

Blog Posts

If you want to rank your blog in search engines (and you definitely should), you need to create original content.

Every search engine basically hates duplicate content. In its own words, Google “tries hard to index and show pages with distinct information”.

So if you copy-paste someone else’s blog post, or publish the same piece of content (or very similar pieces) multiple times, your positioning in searches will suffer.

Using Spintax In Cold Emails

Okay, so we know that if you don’t write original, human-quality sentences, your bulk email deliverability will suffer.

And the lower your email deliverability, the worse your cold email outreach results will be.

So by using Spintax to add greater differentiation to your email copy, you can get better deliverability — and stronger performance from your outreach campaigns.

Wondering how Postaga uses Spintax?

It’s simple: to add Spintax to an email template, go into the Emails page. Then you can either:

  • Create a new email by hitting the New Email button
  • Or edit an existing email template by finding the email you want to modify and clicking the Edit icon
Demonstrating Spintax Use on Postaga.

Mechanically speaking, adding Spintax through Postaga is all about using curly brackets and pipe separators to “tell” us where you’re adding variations on a word or phrase.

To start the Spintax section, you need to add “{{SPIN}}”, followed by the word or phrase you want to use.

Then you need to enter two pipe separators — that’s “||” — to separate each Spintax variation. Add as many variants as you want, then close the Spintax section with “{{ENDSPIN}}”.

Here’s how that looks in practice:


What Are the Benefits Of Using Spintax?

Person demonstrating the benefits of spintax.

We’ve already discussed how Spintax can help with email deliverability.

But that’s not the only benefit. Here are some other reasons to consider adding Spintax to your content marketing process:

  • Saves time on creating original bulk content
  • Makes it easy to create multiple email or post variations
  • Can improve your position in search engines by making your content unique
  • Helps you create multiple documents, articles, posts, or emails on the same subject
  • Brings variety to social posts, press releases, landing pages, and more

What Are Some Examples Of Spintax?

That’s enough theory — now let’s take a look at Spintax in action with a few examples, based on templated emails and social posts.

Spintax Email Examples

  • Email greeting example: {{SPIN}}Hey||Hi||Hello||Aloha{{ENDSPIN}}
  • Email intro example: {{SPIN}}I loved this article you wrote||I was intrigued by this post||I appreciated how you covered this topic{{ENDSPIN}}
  • Email signoff example: {{SPIN}}What do you think?||How does that sound to you?||Are you interested in discussing this further?{{ENDSPIN}}

Spintax Social Post Examples

  • Social post intro: {{SPIN}}Pro tip||Did you know?||Today I learned{{ENDSPIN}}
  • Social post CTA example: {{SPIN}}Read more||Find out more||Learn more{{ENDSPIN}}

What is Nested Spintax?

Person wondering what are Nested Spintax,.

That’s the basics of Spintax covered.

But sometimes, basic won’t cut it.

For instance, what if you ended up with the following spun email intro:

Would you be interested in a {{SPIN}}blog post||social post||video||article||infographic{{ENDSPIN}} on cold email automation for sales teams?

As all you grammar aficionados will have noticed, that spin doesn’t work, because two of the variants would read:

  • Would you be interested in a article on cold email automation for sales teams?
  • Would you be interested in a infographic cold email automation for sales teams?

That’s where Nested Spintax comes in.

High-quality Nested Spintax allows you to create additional subgroups, rather than a single list of synonyms. So the above example could be written as:

Would you be interested in {a {blog post||social post||video}||an {article||infographic}} on cold email automation for sales teams?

Just like magic, we’re left with the following variants:

  • Would you be interested in a blog post…
  • Would you be interested in a social post…
  • Would you be interested in a video…
  • Would you be interested in an article…
  • Would you be interested in an infographic…

Improve Your Email Deliverability With Spintax & Postaga

Person successfully improved his email deliverability with postaga.

Spintax is one solution to the problem of sending identical emails in bulk, without requiring you to write a bunch of original copy for every single message you send.

In turn, that can boost your email deliverability rate.

But you can take things to a whole other level by combining Spintax with Postaga.

Our all-in-one outreach platform makes it quick and easy to craft highly personalized cold outreach emails.

Don’t do all the research yourself — let our AI assistant seek out key snippets of information and add them to your emails, helping you build laser-targeted campaigns in just a few clicks.

But don’t just take my word for it — try yourself by signing up for our 14-day free trial!

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