25 New Links, 20+ Guest Post Offers, 100+ Social Connections

I find Postaga is a bit addictive, these days I actually look forward to doing outreach. Whereas before I’d dread it. It’s easy to build a campaign and customise it, and it’s fun to sit back and watch it do all the hard work.

Elle runs the blog Outdoor Happens, and has been using Postaga for a few months now. In that time, has racked up a ton of wins from her outreach campaigns.

This includes:

25 quality, relevant backlinks to her articles

20+ guest post offers from websites

Expanding her network by connecting with other related blogs

Shares of her articles to larger audiences than ever before

The Start

Elle started her blog, Outdoor Happens, in 2019. It’s all about the outdoors and enjoying it in your own backyard. They have a strong focus on self-sufficiency and homesteading, including topics on things like growing your own food and raising animals.

Outdoor Happens

After taking a course on building and growing a niche website, she learned about the importance of building links and doing outreach to help grow your traffic and build your audience.

You can write amazing content but without links, you’re nowhere.

Link Building Without Postaga

So, that’s when Elle started using a bunch of assorted tools for helping with research, finding contacts, and building email sequences, mainly focusing on Skyscraper Technique outreach to build links. But, the different tools didn’t work so well together, and it was a very involved process.

Before Postaga, I full-stop couldn’t do outreach in bulk.

Then, Elle ended up hiring an expensive link builder who “cost me an arm and a leg” to do the outreach for her for a time. But, “being in the early stages of growth, saving money is everything.”

That’s when Elle came across Postaga after someone recommended it in a Facebook Group she belonged to.

Building Links Faster With Postaga

With Postaga’s all-in-one platform, she is now able to easily find outreach opportunities, get their contact information, and send them targeted outreach emails to earn links and build relationships.

resources outreach campaign in postaga

She has found success with different types of outreach campaigns including Guest Posts (using a Custom CSV campaign), Skyscraper Technique, Resource Page Outreach, and Mention Outreach.

I’m also a big fan of the resources campaign. It’s so easy to find relevant pages for your articles, and it’s a breeze to set Postaga going to find the contacts for them. I’ve even picked up a couple that want me to notify them of all my new posts on a particular subject so they can list them!

Since she has made Postaga part of her process, her links and traffic have grown, she has built relationships with many new related websites and businesses, and her business is getting new opportunities that it wasn’t before.

Increased Traffic, More Links, More Relationships

Things have improved massively. One, I’m proud I’m now able to get my business out there and two, I love connecting with so many other people. Three, the initial figures for traffic and keyword metrics are very, very promising!

One of her favorite wins from her Postaga outreach campaigns:

I’m most proud of a link from the North Carolina Taxidermist Association – I love the variety of people you meet during outreach!

Final Tip

Elle also shared with us her tips for doing guest post outreach:

I ran a custom CSV campaign for guest posts through Postaga and ended up with over 20 guest post offers. First, I used Ahrefs to find great sites in my niche. Exported them to CSV and used Postaga for outreach. I used a very personal approach for these – not your standard ‘I want a guest post on your site’ email. I also mentioned that if they didn’t accept a guest post, it would be great to connect on social, and over 100 of them agreed to connect.

I tried to find like-minded people and I found a treasure trove.

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