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Cold Sales Outreach

Postaga helps you find relevant sales opportunities and introduce them to your business. 

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Faster to set up outreach campaigns than anything else I have used!
– Tom Hunt, SaaS Marketer

Get New Customers

Find people relevant and interested in your business, connect with them, and nurture those relationships.

Postaga does it all from finding contacts to building and sending outreach campaigns. And it’s all in just a few minutes.

Build Partnerships

Find relevant opportunities to your business including:

Guest blogs




Joint ventures

Postaga link building and PR outreach CRM for tracking outreach leads and their progress, this screen shows the CRM dashboard with the user clicking to edit a specific lead and edit its status in the CRM

Using Postaga’s Cold Outreach, I have been able to get new customers, appear on podcasts, guest blog, and create new partnerships. And, thanks to Postaga, it is a lot faster to find these opportunities than doing it all manually.

How to Do Cold Outreach in Postaga

Search for the type of businesses you want to connect with


custom search results in Postaga

Get contact information including names, emails, job titles, and social media profiles.


Postaga campaign outreach contacts

Introduce yourself via social media


Build and send personalized outreach emails quickly and easily


Postaga campaign email preview

Keep track of your leads in the Postaga CRM


Postaga CRM link building dashboard showing a lead's stage set to won, closing out that lead

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