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Find more link building and outreach opportunities. Build your outreach campaigns faster. Personalize emails with AI. Get the results you want. All for a fraction of the price of Pitchbox!

Try Postaga’s All-In-One Outreach Platform:

Try Postaga’s All-In-One Outreach Platform

I sent 439 emails, I got 44 replies, and I got 8 links, with 50+ DA

– Maria Di Lorenzo, Host Papa –

Maria Hostpapa

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Faster to set up outreach campaigns than anything else I have used!
– Tom Hunt, SaaS Marketer

Why People are Switching from Pitchbox to Postaga for Email Outreach

Sound Personal, Not Spammy

No one likes to receive template emails. Postaga’s all-in-one outreach platform helps you build personalized outreach campaigns, with AI-powered tools to connect you with the right people. Can’t say the same for Pitchbox.

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Postaga’s AI assistant finds key snippets and information so that you can cite specific advice that your target contact has given and make your emails more personal.

Find the Right Contacts

Postaga analyzes links to find the right contacts along with their email address, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile. With Pitchbox, the process of choosing contacts and finding the right people can be incredibly time and labor-intensive.

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Postaga will find article authors as well as marketing contacts for every opportunity that it finds, ensuring that you reach the right person.

Get More Responses

Set your outreach and follow up on autopilot and watch your response rates skyrocket.

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Postaga allows you to build followup sequences that will automatically stop if someone replies.

CRM: Manage Your Outreach

The Postaga CRM helps you stay on top of your open opportunities and track your results so that you can continually improve your outreach efforts with data.

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Track the status, stage, the opportunity type, and more so that you never miss out on an opportunity.

Use AI to Automatically Generate Effective Outreach Campaigns

Postaga analyzes your site to find high-converting campaign ideas, specifically for you. With Pitchbox, you better already be an expert in doing outreach.

Target Better Opportunities

Quickly find the right websites, bloggers, podcasters, and businesses to connect with in Postaga’s Opportunity Finder. Pitchbox does not have sales lead or podcast outreach opportunities.

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Postaga has over 10 different campaign types (including skyscraper, guest posting, resource page outreach, and more) that will each find different, targeted opportunities based on your outreach goals.

Postaga vs. Pitchbox



Postaga offers both monthly + annual plans

$99 / month $6,000 / year

Free Trial

Postaga offers a free 14-day trial

Unlimited Outreach Campaigns

Create an unlimited number of outreach campaigns

AI Enhanced Outreach

Automatically find the right contacts + save time

Sales + Podcast Outreach Campaign Types

Generate sales leads, get guest spots on podcasts

Suggested Outreach Campaigns

Get outreach campaign ideas for your business

Built-In Email Warmup + Contact Verification

Ensure your emails are not going to spam folders or bouncing

Some of What 20,000 Users Say About Postaga:

Postaga gives Ahrefs Content Explorer a run for its money as far as discovering backlink outreach opportunities is concerned!

Ben Kharakh
Moving Traffic Media

We were doing outreach before, but research and verifying emails took so much time. To be able to do all of it in the platform, 15 minutes, move on to the next thing in my day, is so amazing. You have saved me so much time!

Selle Evans

I’m booking podcast interviews in just 5-10 minutes each month. The win rate is amazing!

Dayana Mayfield
Pitch and Profit

The amount of time this saves on tracking all the various outreach campaigns is incredible. We particularly like the AI and the way it can find opportunities that would take hours in Google if we were to do it manually.

David L.

Outreach and link building can be soul destroying at times; but Postaga helped me get my outreach MOJO back!

Fraser M.

Getting backlinks and conducting outreach has always sort of been a "where do I even start?" problem and Postaga made it so much easier and more efficient. Already seeing results!

SEO Better

Postaga - Free quality link building tool to help you get more traffic | Product Hunt Embed

“Postaga is a powerful outreach tool for SEOs that are hungry to find new ways to build organic backlinks. This tool straight away outlines every single effective link building outreach strategy and automates it for you with ease – saving you many hours of time and effort.”

Alex Kalos


Postaga’s Awesome Outreach Campaign Types

Skyscraper (Multiscraper)

Steal links from your competitors by offering your own, better content to link to.

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Sales Gen Outreach

Tailor a campaign specifically to your niche and target customers to drive more business.

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Get featured as a guest on different podcasts to reach new audiences and promote your business.

Get Backlinks

Get Promotion

Guest Post

Find Guest Posting opportunities on relevant blogs and build your rankings.

Get Backlinks

Get Promotion


Build relationships and get shares from people that you've mentioned in blog posts.

Get Shares

Get Promotion


Get more reviews for your product or service, complete with backlinks.

Get Backlinks

Get Promotion

Custom CSV

Import your own CSV file and Postaga will enrich URLs, then find and enrich contacts.

Get Backlinks

Get Promotion


Get your product featured alongside your competitors in head-to-head review articles.

Get Backlinks

Get Promotion


Get your product or solution added to tools lists and get more traffic and backlinks.

Get Backlinks

Get Promotion


Get your post or resource added to resource rundowns and get more traffic and backlinks.

Get Backlinks

Get Promotion


Get your post or product added to weekly link roundups to drive tons of traffic.

Get Backlinks

Get Shares

Get Promotion


Get your advice added to expert roundups and get traffic, backlinks, and expert recognition.

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Get Shares

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Still Have Questions?

Do I need any other tools with Postaga?

No. Postaga is an all-in-one platform that handles every aspect of running outreach campaigns from start to finish.

Is there a free trial for Postaga?

Yes! Postaga has a free 14-day trial which gives you full access to the Postaga platform. Tools like Pitchbox require an annual contract with no free trial.

What if I have never done outreach before – is it difficult?

With tools like Pitchbox that are built specifically for experts in outreach, there can be a big learning curve. Postaga has an easy-to-follow process that walks you through building your outreach campaigns, provides AI-generated recommendations for outreach specifically for your business, and email templates so you don’t need to already be an outreach expert or start from scratch.

How do you keep my emails out of spam folders and my email address safe?

Postaga uses a number of different techniques to keep your email and domain safe, including things like: email warmup, staggered sending, recipient email verification, and monitoring any spam complaints to ensure that any issues are detected early, before they become a problem. Pitchbox does not even touch many of these aspects.

Can I do outreach from my own email address?

Yes. With Postaga, you have several different options for sending outreach emails. You can connect your own email account (regardless of what email provider you use), or, you can create a brand new sending email address, specifically for your outreach campaigns.

Does Postaga have an affiliate program?

Of course! You can check that out here.

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