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Our Process


First, we need to know about your business – what is your target audience. What kind of content do you already have and can you create?

Then we search for relevant, authoritative websites who would be a good fit for you. We’re looking for:

Sites that are geared towards your target industry

Sites with real, meaningful traffic and authority in your domain

No spammy sites or link farms

Develop a Pitch

We develop a unique pitch for your site to each of the opportunities that we find so that we can deliver them value and get them to link to you.

how to write cold emails that closes deals

Outreach + Lead Generation

We run the outreach campaigns, A/B testing different strategies along the way. 

For all leads generated, we first qualify them to make sure they meet your goals before sending them your way.

At Postaga, we have built links for all types of businesses and agencies. Connect with us and I can give you an assessment of what’s possible for your brand – Andy Cabasso, Founder @ Postaga

Andy Cabasso

Custom Plans

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Our outreach service can help you:

Get backlinks

Get guest posting opportunities

Create partnerships

Find affiliates for your products

Get warm leads

Get press coverage

Be a podcast guest

Paul Loeb

Founder, Droptrack

“I’ve been super impressed with Postaga and their done-for-you outreach service! As a busy business owner, I love that Postaga not only identifies opportunities, but also handles the initial outreach, and simply passes on the wins to me. In one month, I received over 30 leads for coverage including software reviews, podcast interviews, blog posts, advertising, and more!”

Apply for a Spot

Because our service is so comprehensive, Postaga only works with a limited number of clients. Apply for our Done-For-You service below:


How many links can I expect?

That depends. We evaluate each client independently and assess what can realistically be expected given the type of business and the market.

How likely is it that my business will be accepted?

We will not accept a client unless we believe we can deliver great results. If you’re interested, we recommend applying.

What email will you use for the outreach?

We will not use your main email address or domain. We will set up a separate email address dedicated to outreach.

Do you work with agencies?

Yes. We work with many agencies that have us doing outreach on behalf of them and/or their clients.

Can you do cold outreach to get press coverage, partnerships, affiliates, podcast guest spots, and sales lead generation?

Yes! That’s definitely something that we can do at scale.

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