How a Digital Agency Saved 4 Hours and 45 Minutes Every Week By Switching to Postaga

We were doing outreach before, but research and verifying emails took so much time. To be able to do all of it in the platform, 15 minutes, move on to the next thing in my day, is so amazing. You have saved me so much time!

Selle Evans

Selle Evans

Selle Evans is the CEO of the digital marketing agency, Masterly Business Solutions.

She has been featured on CBS, MSNBC, Forbes, and the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America.

Part of her workflow for clients at Masterly, as well as her own business, has included outreach for link building and digital PR.

Outreach Before Postaga

Before using Postaga, Selle and her team had a lengthy process for their outreach campaigns, which they had to do manually.

They would look at their content, discuss potential opportunities, do research, draft copy and come up with a pitch, build a list, verify the email addresses for that list, and build and send an outreach email sequence.

Masterly - a digital marketing agency that uses Postaga to help streamline their link building outreach campaigns and save hours each week
At Selle’s agency, Masterly, they use outreach to build links, make connections, and get press coverage for their business and their clients.

“Programming something into an auto responder is not something I miss,” she said.

And her process is identical to what a lot of digital marketing agencies have been doing for their outreach.

I used to block off time during the week for outreach, I’d do my research, figure out my pitch, who’s on the list, verify those emails, figure out the sequence. All of that took so much time. It would take the entire week. So, I was always pretty much a week behind, because I’d start working on it on Monday and finalizing the campaign on Friday, and it would start the following Monday.

“Literally it takes me the entire week of a workflow to send things out,” Selle said. “It used to take 5 hours per week.”

Saving Hours Each Week with Postaga

Selle came across Postaga, and has been using it for her business and her clients.

And right away she noticed two big things:

  1. The time savings
  2. The results

What used to take 5 hours per week for outreach now takes 15 minutes.

We were doing outreach before, but research, verifying emails, took so much time. To be able to do all of it in the platform, 15 minutes, move on to the next thing in my day, is so amazing. You have saved me so much time!

And, she added, “I’m getting similar results to when I was spending 5 hours per week. It’s impressive to me.”

Postaga matched Selle’s pre-Postaga workflow closely, except it streamlined and automated all of the tedious aspects.

“People who haven’t done it manually don’t realize how much time they’re saving. I’m so much more productive.”

Instead of:

Figuring out the best campaign to run to promote your content / business / brand

Postaga gives you campaign recommendations based on your goals

Manually scouring for relevant websites to connect with

Postaga finds relevant websites for you

Searching for the right contact people

Postaga retrieves the most relevant contacts and gives you options

Finding contacts’ email addresses

Postaga automatically finds contacts’ email addresses

Verifying email addresses in validating software

Postaga automatically validates email addresses as part of your campaign

Creating your own outreach email sequences from scratch

Postaga has email templates and sequences you can use so you don’t have to start from scratch

Personalizing every single email

Postaga has smart merge fields to personalize your emails for every recipient

Sending each email and follow-up message individually

Postaga schedules the emails and sends follow-ups to the contacts who have not responded to you

Manually tracking your conversations in a spreadsheet or CRM software

Postaga keeps track of your conversations in its own built-in CRM

“God bless you. During COVID, I don’t have to feel like things are falling through the cracks because I can do this so much faster now.”

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