During our Beta, Postaga is entirely free. And we plan on Postaga always having a free tier. We will also soon launch an Agency Tier with more features and integrations, which will be a paid tier.


Yes, you can use all of Postaga for free!

All Campaign Types

Unlimited Campaigns

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Outreach Emails


Coming soon…



Everything in Free!


Multiple Users

New Integrations

New Campaign Types

Agency Reporting


Is there pricing for Postaga? How do you make money?

As of today, Postaga is entirely free. And we plan on Postaga always having a free tier. 

However, to keep Postaga running smoothly and continually add new features, we will need to make money. Our plan is to add a paid account tier for agencies. This tier will include additional features, such as: additional third-party API integrations, agency reporting, and sub-accounts.

What do you mean? How can you possibly make it so Postaga is free?

Postaga uses the power of free third-party apps to make each user’s experience free.

With Postaga, you can research outreach opportunities, find contacts, and send emails to those contacts. Part of what makes Postaga work is integrations with third-party apps. Postaga works with for finding contacts. To run a full campaign, each Postaga user can create a free account with, and integrate their account via their user API page.

Where does the name Postaga come from?

It’s a reference from a game. Points to you if you know where it comes from.

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