9 Lemlist Alternatives (And Why They Are Better for You)

Andy Cabasso

October 5th

Are you considering Lemlist for your next cold outreach campaign but aren’t fully convinced whether it really is the best tool for you? Wondering if any Lemlist alternatives offer better functionality and at a better value?

Let’s be clear about something – Lemlist is a solid tool. I even included it in my recent overview of the best cold email software

But… as you’ll see shortly, Lemlist isn’t for everyone. Its feature set does not always meet various requirements companies have for such a tool. Some customers have experienced issues with it. And so, in some cases, it just makes more sense to look at various Lemlist alternatives instead.

Before I show you what those best alternatives to Lemlist are, though, let’s look at the tool more closely.

What is Lemlist, and what do companies like about it

Lemlist is a cold email software that businesses of all sizes use to send cold outreach emails at scale. The company describes its product as a “​​simple yet effective tool that makes outreach automation & sales engagement easy.”

Lemlist alternatives

The tool’s feature set covers all the bases that you’d expect from a sales automation tool

With Lemlist, you can:

  • Schedule cold email campaigns, 
  • Personalize emails using text, images, or a combination of a landing page and video,
  • Create campaigns quickly with email templates,
  • Automate follow-ups, and engage with leads across multiple channels, 
  • Use various features to ensure good email deliverability rates,
  • Use email tracking, email warm-up, etc., to increase the success of your campaigns and more. 

Lemlist pricing: You have to pay $59 per user per month to access Lemlist’s email outreach features and use the tool to drive your email campaigns. If you want to also use Lemlist’s sales engagement features and use it to also engage prospects via email, LinkedIn, and phone, you have to sign up for a $99 per user per month plan.

Where Lemlist falls short

Unfortunately, in spite of its robust feature set, Lemlist often falls short of meeting many companies’ requirements. For example:

Lemlist does not offer any prospecting tools. If you want to use the platform, you need to build a prospecting list, and find and validate your contact’s email addresses elsewhere. 

Obviously, the lack of prospecting tools is fine if you already have a list of people you want to reach out to. But, it can be a problem for companies that either don’t have or don’t want to use separate tools for prospecting and outreach. And, the additional process of prospecting can be so time-consuming that it requires you hire a team member who just focuses on prospecting.

For companies looking for a more time and cost-efficient process, they want to quickly input their search parameters into their outreach tool and retrieve a list of valid, relevant contacts with their email addresses, and be able to reach out to them. 

So, for those companies, choosing Lemlist alternatives might actually be better.

Prospecting tools.

(Prospecting tool setup in Postaga.)

Lemlist also doesn’t offer any email verification capabilities. This means that, once again, the task of validating the quality of emails on your prospecting list falls onto you. Otherwise, your deliverability could drop, with your emails winding up in spam folders.

Lemlist may require a lot of time and additional costs to build cold outreach campaigns. The lack of native prospecting and email verification features in Lemlist means that you will need to pay for separate tools to help you find the right people to reach out to. You may need several tools – one for finding relevant businesses and websites, one for finding contact details, and one for validating emails. And having to jump between these different tools can take a lot of time.

Using Lemlist for anyone doing cold outreach means your workflow may look something like this:

  1. Use a prospecting or web scraping tool to find relevant websites and businesses to reach out to
  2. Export your prospects to a CSV file
  3. Use another tool to find contact details for people at those websites
  4. Filter through those contacts, selecting the best-fit ones to reach out to
  5. Export those results to a CSV file
  6. If your contact-finding software doesn’t validate the email addresses, you will then need to run those results through another separate email validation tool to ensure that your emails won’t bounce.
  7. Export those results to a CSV, and then import it to Lemlist to begin setting up your outreach campaigns

Lemlist has major daily sending limits. It’s something many of its customers complain about online. One customer posted a story on G2Crowd, telling how Lemlist delivered only half of the campaign emails in twice the time the whole batch was supposed to be sent. 

Lemlist reviews.

Similar stories abound among the tool’s various online reviews. Another reviewer recalled how “when started testing, they didn’t even have a button to send an email.

Another Lemlist review.

Here’s another review pointing out the same issue.

Customer feedback about Lemlist.

There seem to be problems with Lemlist customer support too. Many customers complain about it, calling it “robotic,” “problem-oriented,” or “lacking knowledge about the application.” 

Alternatives to Lemlist.

Many customers complain about suspicious pricing and billing policies. For example:

One more example of problems customers have with Lemlist and why they seek alternatives to the tool.

Lemlist UI seems to have also raised some customers’ concerns. One reviewer on Capterra called it “Poor UI – A lot of the features are clunky and have to be figured out on your own.

But don’t get me wrong again – Lemlist has many positive reviews too. Customers praise its product and features. It’s just, most likely; these are the people who don’t need the additional features that other reviewers complain about. 

So, what are your options if you’re unsure whether Lemlist is for you?

9 Amazing Lemlist Alternatives (And Why They Are Better for You)

#1. Postaga – The Complete Cold Email Outreach Platform with Prospecting and Email Verification Capabilities

Postaga, the no.1 Lemlist alternative for cold emails.

Postaga (disclaimer: this is our tool) is a complete cold email outreach platform and one of the best options as an alternative to Lemlist (but that’s in our humble opinion, of course. You can take Postaga for a test drive to see if we’re right.)

Postaga offers you all the functionality you need to first, find relevant sales opportunities and then, use advanced outreach strategies to introduce your business to those people and kick start a sales conversation.

In short, unlike Lemlist, which offers only cold outreach capabilities, with Postaga, you can also prospect to find relevant businesses and people to reach out to, learn more about these people, build your email outreach lists, validate their email addresses, and finally, engage them with cold outreach. 

But let me tell you specifically how Postaga compares with Lemlist.

How is Postaga similar to Lemlist?

Postaga offers a whole range of cold outreach features and capabilities that you find in a typical email marketing software like Lemlist. 

Similarly to Lemlist, Postage allows you to:

Create and send advanced and timed cold email campaigns.

You can set up unlimited campaigns, and send email sequences to your prospects, and more.

Outreach campaign dashboard in Postaga.

(Campaigns dashboard in Postaga showing the results from different outreach sequences.)

Personalize emails. 

In Postaga, you can merge key details about your contact, your content, or key advice snippets to make your messages unique to each recipient. 

Here’s how it looks in the tool:

Email template for cold outreach.

Use advanced follow-up tools and build complete outreach sequences.

In Postaga, you can create campaigns using one of our ready-made templates or start from scratch and define messages and intervals between them. 

Cold email campaign template.

But Postaga can offer far more than Lemlist. 

So, here are the features that you have access to when using Postaga, but you won’t find them in Lemlist.

What makes Postaga a better alternative to Lemlist?

Postaga gives you access to prospecting and email verification tools as well. 

With Postaga, you don’t need other apps for prospecting, finding / verifying contacts, or a CRM. It’s all included in your package when you sign up. 

So, with Postaga, you can:

  • Quickly search for potential prospects using keywords describing their business and target location, get their contact details to build a highly-relevant prospects list
  • Verify your emails with an email verification tool, ensuring that emails that you’ll be reaching out won’t bounce, and won’t affect your deliverability.
  • Store all contacts in the CRM and track the progress of their engagement.
CRM in Postaga.

(CRM in Postaga)

With Postaga’s built-in CRM, you can respond to outreach leads directly from your outreach software or email inbox of your choice.

Email snippets

Postaga offers a built-in AI that will help you personalize emails even more.

Postaga’s Outreach Assistant uses AI to find relevant advice given by influencers that you can include in your emails.

Postaga’s AI also suggests outreach campaigns you should consider running

If you are out of ideas for outreach campaigns, Postaga can help. Postaga will analyze your website and provide suggestions on different outreach campaigns and keywords to use in your prospecting.

Postaga email sender options to rotate senders and increase the amount of emails you can send

Unlike Lemlist, Postaga also lets you rotate sending emails to speed up delivery without triggering any spam filters.

With Postaga, you can use more than one email to send an outreach sequence. By using more than a single email, you can get through your list much quicker, without triggering any spam filters. 

With Lemlist, you can use only one email per campaign, meaning that your campaign will be delivered over a longer period of time.

Let’s take a campaign with 1000 contacts, for example. To protect your domain from being blacklisted and ensure good deliverability, you should not send more than 50 emails from an account per day. Taking this into account, using a single email address will require 20 days to send the entire campaign. 

However, with Postaga, you can use additional email addresses to send the campaign, and go through the list much quicker. (Using the metrics above, if you use 20 emails to send the campaign, you can get through those 1000 contacts in just a day without causing any deliverability or spam issues.)

Finally, Postaga also offers a done-for-you service that can save you time and reduce your learning curve. If you want to run outreach campaigns but don’t have the time or are afraid that you lack the skills and experience to make it an instant success, Postaga can help. 

You can tap into our extensive cold outreach experience and let us run the entire campaign for you. You can learn more about our done-for-you outreach service here. 

Postaga Pricing: Postaga’s Pro plan starts at $99/mo but it includes not one but 5 users, so it comes out significantly less expensive for your team than Lemlist.

Looking for a Lemlist alternative with prospecting and email verification capabilities? Check out Postaga. Free trial available.

#2. Woodpecker.co

Woodpecker, alternative to Lemlist.

Woodpecker.co is a versatile cold outreach software that, as the company claims, “molds to your needs.” What the company means is that its platform offers tools to satisfy the needs of different business types – from sales teams, agencies, to individuals.

For example, Woodpecker Agency has been designed to allow agencies run all their clients’ campaigns from one place. The product integrates easily into a typical agency’s toolkit, and offers everything that an agency would need to manage their clients’ lead generation campaigns.

Woodpecker Sales Automation, on the other hand, focuses on the needs of sales teams, and allowing them to send cold emails and follow-ups at scale. 

What makes Woodpecker different from Lemlist?

  • Email verification. Aside from sharing much of the similar functionality with Lemlist, Woodpecker also offers an email verification tool that can clean your list of non-existing email addresses.  
  • LinkedIn tasks. Woodpecker also integrates with LinkedIn, and let’s you incorporate the business social network into your outreach campaign. 

Woodpecker pricing: Woodpecker’s sales automation package starts at $49 per month for a slot (which is basically an email address that you want to use. So, if you want to use three email addresses in your account, you need to purchase three slots for that price.)

#3. Mailshake


Mailshake is another Lemlist alternative worth considering. The tool offers all the functionality you’d expect from cold outreach software – the ability to schedule email campaigns, automate follow-ups, maximize email deliverability, custom sending schedules, email templates, and more. 

Just like most other similar tools, Mailshake provides a good insight into your campaign’s performance, and lets you monitor the open rate, clicks, and replies. 

But it also offers several features that you won’t find in Lemlist. 

What makes Mailshake different from Lemlist?

  • Lead Catcher. Mailshake’s built-in CRM let’s you see the status of each lead, and mark them as won or lost. 
  • Multi-channel sequences. Mailshake lets you incorporate social media outreach into your campaigns, and reach prospects on LinkedIn and other social networks as well.
  • Cold calling features. Mailshake also includes a power dialer to let you include cold calling into your outbound sales strategy. With Mailshake, you can make unlimited VOIP calls to the US and Canada, and inexpensive international calls. You can also record calls for training purposes to improve your campaigns further.

Mailshake Pricing: Mailshake offers only annual billing, with packages starting at $58 per user per month ($696 per year.)

#4. Reply.io


Reply.io is a quite robust solution on the market. It allows you to automate sales engagement across email, LinkedIn, SMS and What’sApp, calls and more. Reply also offers an email finder, AI assistant to help with your campaigns, and analytics to monitor the progress of your campaign. 

What makes Reply different from Lemlist?

  • Prospecting. Like Postaga, Reply lets you find potential prospects and build a prospecting list to engage with email.
  • LinkedIn email finder. Reply lets you find people’s contact details on LinkedIn and import them directly into your emai campaign. 
  • Multichannel sequences. With Reply, you can engage prospects with email, on LinkedIn, calls, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Reply.io Pricing: Reply offers different packages depending on whether you’re an individual, business, or an agency. Overall, individual and business packages start at $70 per user per month although they differ by what you get for the price. Agency packages start at $60 per month per account.

#5. Quickmail.io


Quickmail is a simpler alternative to Lemlist that still offers quite a number of useful features and capabilities to companies of all sizes. The tool offers an email warmer to ensure that your messages never end up in spam. Email sequences let you contact your prospects and follow-up with them automatically. Open and click tracking let you see how your emails perform, etc. 

Unfortunately, Quickmail does not offer prospecting features so you still need to use other tools to find potential contacts and verify their email addresses. 

What makes Quickmail different from Lemlist?

  • No per seat pricing. Quickmail approaches pricing for their software differently. Instead of pricing per seat, it lets you to work with your whole team in the same price plan. In Quickmail, you pay per inbox instead. 
  • Inbox rotation. Just like in Postaga (we talked about this feature above,) in Quickmail you can add more inboxes to a single campaign and go through your list of prospects much faster.

Quickmail Pricing: Quickmail charges you per inbox per month (with daily sending limits.) Prices start at $59 for the first inbox and 500 emails per day. Additional inboxes cost $35 per month. If you decide to send more emails per day per inbox, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro plan at $79 per first inbox, and $45 per additional inboxes. 

#6. Klenty


Klenty is a multi-channel sales outreach that allows you to send personalized emails and automate your follow-ups plus engage prospects with a sales dialer and a LinkedIn plugin. With Klenty, you can set up complex email cadences that can include cold emails, but also cold calls and engagement on the social network (i.e., connection requests, etc.) Like Lemlist, Klenty also offers video and image personalization options. But unlike Lemlist, you can also use it to validate emails and use email throttle to ensure higher deliverability.

What makes Klenty different from Lemlist?

  • LinkedIn automation. Klenty includes a powerful LinkedIn plugin that you can use to automate (or partially automate) several LinkedIn tasks – send connection requests, view inMails and other tasks, and monitor LinkedIn communication trails.  
  • Sales dialer. Place calls directly from Klenty, record conversations, and connect with more prospects. 

Klenty Pricing: In Klenty, you can choose to sign up for annual or quarterly plan. Annual plans start at $35 per user per month. Quarterly subscriptions start at $45/user per month. 

#7. SmartReach.io


SmartReach is another email automation platform with prospecting capabilities, albeit a bit limited. SmartReach allows you to search for new contacts on LinkedIn but doesn’t give you access to any other sources. You can import prospects from your CRM or a CSV file, though, and engage them with email outreach. 

Aside from that, SmartReach offers all the usual features you’d expect in a Lemlist alternative: email and follow-up automation, email personalization, spam reports, email warmup, and more. 

What makes SmartReach different from Lemlist?

  • LinkedIn prospecting plugin. With SmartReach, you can reearch prospects on LinkedIn, find their emails, and add them to your campaign. 
  • Integration with email finder tools like Hunter, Anymailfinder, Clearbit to find and verify prospects’ email addresses easily.

SmartReach Pricing: SmartReach offers different pricing options for individual users, businesses, and agencies. Individual accounts start at $24 per user for one user. Business accounts start at $99 and include 5 users. Agency pricing is only available on request.

#8. Yesware


Yesware takes a different approach to email cold calling. The product is actually a plugin for Gmail and Outlook, and as a result, works only with those accounts. When you sign up for Yesware, the product adds new functionality to your Gmail or Outlook interface, allowing you to conduct email outreach directly from those email platforms.

With Yesware, you get access to email tracking, automatic follow-ups, follow-up or call reminders, email personalization, and more. 

What makes Yesware different from Lemlist?

  • Gmail and Outlook plugin. Yesware is a plugin and integrates seamlessly with those two platforms, meaning that you can run email outreach directly from your inbox. 
  • Sends emails directly from your Gmail or Outlook server. This happens because the platform integrates seamlessly with each of those two email providers. 

Yesware Pricing: Yesware pricing starts at $19 per month for a solo user. Businesses can avail of more advanced features by paying $45 per month per user. 

#9. Saleshandy


Saleshandy is the last Lemlist alternative I want to tell you about. Like the other alternatives to Lemlist, Saleshandy offers robust email outreach and sales engagement tools. With Saleshandy, you can create email sequences, schedule automated follow-ups, warm up your email accounts, personalize emails, and ensure good deliverability. 

What makes Saleshandy different from Lemlist?

  • LinkedIn email finder. Saleshandy lets you find email addresses from LinkedIn.
  • Email ramp-up. Saleshandy also lets you build your sender reputation with gradual email ramp up feature.
  • Writing assistance. Finally, Saleshandy offers real-time writing suggestions to ensure that your emails always pack the punch.

Saleshandy Pricing: Saleshandy monthly packages start at $29 per user per month. The company also offers custom pricing for agencies (available on request.)

And there you have it…

9 absolutely amazing Lemlist alternatives that should meet your needs, and help you run email campaigns at scale. 

What’s left to do is to go through them all, and pick the one you’d like to evaluate further. 

Good luck!

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