Case Study: Backlinks in 5 Minutes

Just from the one backlink campaign, we started ranking for 7 keywords that we were not optimized for at all.

Maria Di Lorenzo is the content marketing manager at HostPapa, a small business web hosting company.

Since using Postaga, Maria has found quick and easy ways to earn a ton of high quality links, increasing her company’s search rankings.

Her wins have included:

Getting 8 DA 50+ links with 5 minutes of campaign setup work

Invitations to guest post on other blogs

Finding new partners to become affiliates for her company

The Start

In a competitive industry, building links is necessary to help outrank competitors in search and get found by potential customers.

When she came on board the company earlier this year, part of her job was to develop an automated process for SEO and link building.


Because SEO is such a long-term play, I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to show results quickly, but I wanted to show something quickly. So I thought, how about I find a way to reach out to people and do link building on my own.

Link Building Without Postaga

Before doing her own outreach campaigns at HostPapa, Maria had some experience with hiring and managing link building teams in the past.

I found you have two types of link builders: One that promises you the world for a crazy fee, or someone in-horse building links, usually directory links, which I’m not a fan of. We worked with both: we had in-house linkbuilders, and also contractors who we’d pay per-link. But the people we paid per link had extremely high prices.

Being the person on the team responsible for SEO and content, Maria was spread thin and needed to find a solution that could help her more quickly and easily do outreach at scale.

That’s when she was recommended Postaga.

Building Links Faster With Postaga

“I was spread thin with a lot of work. And Postaga sounded great. Honestly, I didn’t think it was going to get these results…”

Maria focused on Skyscraper Technique campaigns, using Ahrefs alongside Postaga to find websites with out-of-date content, and pitch the websites that linked to them to link to her article instead.

How Skyscraper Technique Can Get You Links

Here is how Skyscraper Technique works, and what Maria did:

Skyscraper Technique involves finding the popular blog content, improving upon it, and then reaching out to the websites that link to that original article to ask them to link to your content instead.

For this, you will need a great piece of content to help you make your case. For Maria, “I chose an article that I thought was perfect for this campaign – ‘33 Email Marketing Stats for 2020.’”

Maria in particular focused on doing Skyscraper Technique focusing on competitors’ articles that were very out of date, while her article was brand new. 

She went to Ahrefs (a popular SEO keyword research tool) and searched for “email marketing stats 2016.” This would return articles that were last published in 2016. Then, she would reach out to the websites that linked to those articles, and ask them to link to her fresh content.

The great thing about the Skyscraper campaign is that it’s very low-effort on the referring sites. All they have to do is replace an outdated link on their site for a brand new one, it’s a win-win for everyone.

With Ahrefs and Postaga, the process involves:

Going to Ahrefs, finding an out-of-date article

Exporting the list of the article’s backlinks to a CSV

Going to Postaga and uploading the CSV in a Skyscraper campaign

Then Postaga takes care of the rest

(we have an Ahrefs integration coming that will further automate this!).

Postaga automatically finds the right contact people at the websites, puts them into personalized email sequences, emails them, and follows up.

It’s a super intuitive platform and I love it.

For one of her first Skyscraper campaigns:

“I sent 439 emails, I got 44 replies, and I got 8 links, with 50+ DA.”

And, this only took about 5 minutes of work for her to build the campaigns with Ahrefs and Postaga.

Final Tip

Link building outreach, and especially Skyscraper outreach, can definitely be a numbers game. But with a tool like Postaga, you get more done in less time with less work. Postaga takes care of all the tedious parts of link building – finding relevant websites and contacts, verifying email addresses, and building and sending personalized outreach email sequences.

With Postaga, it’s awesome because for me, I can outsource the part that I don’t want to do. It handles all the nitty-gritty of things like warming up the domain, sending the emails, and doing the outreach for you. And I could outsource Postaga at some point and hire someone to use it.

Postaga has even given Maria a bunch of wins besides backlinks:

A couple of people reached out to me after adding my link asking me if I wanted to contribute with a guest post as well. And one even asked me if we had an Affiliate Program.

For my next campaign, I’m going to add at the end of my emails ‘P.S. we have an awesome affiliate program, if you’re interested’

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