Multiscraper Technique: Easier, Automated Skyscraper Link Building Outreach

Andy Cabasso

January 22nd

Skyscraper Technique is a very powerful tactic for link building.

It’s a go-to link building strategy for SEO professionals and digital marketers everywhere.

Primer on Skyscraper (if you are not familiar):

Skyscraper Technique is a method for building links by getting websites to link to your content, which helps your content rank better in search engines and get you more traffic.

It involves:

  1. Finding blog articles on your chosen topic that have a lot of links pointing to them from other websites and blogs (using a tool like Ahrefs)
  2. Extracting a list of those other websites and blogs
  3. Writing a better blog article than the article they currently link to
  4. Reaching out to those websites and blogs to ask them to link to your article instead

But, it’s not perfect.

One challenge of doing Skyscraper campaigns is that sometimes you come across a website that only has 5 or 10 backlinks, and don’t want to spend the time building an outreach campaign because it’s not worth the time.

Many link builders don’t want to waste their time by doing Skyscraper Technique on an article that has less than 50 backlinks because of the time it takes them to build the outreach campaign.

But, what if you could easily build a Skyscraper campaign that targets many different websites at once?

Now, you can.

With Postaga’s Automated Skyscraper campaign, in just a few minutes you can easily:

  1. Find target websites
  2. Discover all the websites that link to them
  3. Find the right contact people at those websites
  4. Get and validate their email addresses
  5. Send them personalized outreach emails to get them to link to your content

This is a huge innovation in doing Skyscraper outreach, saving countless hours over how link builders and digital marketers traditionally have done Skyscraper campaigns.

There really isn’t a name for what we’re doing…

So, we’re calling this approach the “Multiscraper” Technique.

We’re paying homage to the classic Skyscraper Technique, while adding our own twist to it that helps you build many Skyscraper outreach campaigns at once.

With this technique, you can build many Skyscraper link building campaigns at once.

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It saves you the time of having to repeatedly search for websites, extract their backlinks, find contacts, build an email sequence for them, and send the emails and follow-ups.

How link building pros typically have done Skyscraper (before Postaga’s Automated Skyscraper campaign):

  1. Research your “target” website on Ahrefs, finding a blog article on your subject with many backlinks pointing to it
  2. Extract a list of the backlinks to a CSV
  3. Hire a VA or use an app to try and find contacts and email addresses for those backlinking websites
  4. Use a service to validate the email addresses
  5. Import the email addresses into an email / CRM app
  6. Create an email sequence tailored for each contact to pitch them to link to your blog post

This process typically can take many hours to several days of work, just for doing Skyscraper for a single website.

Meanwhile, with Postaga, you can streamline this process, for multiple websites, in just a few minutes.

How to Build an Automated Skyscraper Outreach Campaign

Let’s see exactly how it works:

First, we’re going to grab an account at Postaga.

Postaga homepage - all-in-one link building and email outreach tool to help you get more backlinks and traffic

Postaga’s the all-in-one link building and outreach tool that makes this all happen.

Also, you will need an account with Ahrefs.

Next, you can connect your Postaga and Ahrefs accounts by going to your APIs page and connecting your Ahrefs account.

Connecting Ahrefs and Postaga

You will need to be logged into your Ahrefs account and confirm the connection.

It should only take a few seconds, and then you are connected!

Next, you can create a Multiscraper campaign by going to create a New Campaign, and selecting the Multiscraper campaign type under the Ahrefs section.

multiscraper campaign type

Next, you are going to enter in your blog post URL and click Analyze Your Post.

your post url postaga automated skyscraper link building technique

Postaga will then analyze your blog post URL and pull relevant information from it, which you can use as merge fields for your outreach emails.

Next, you will search for websites and blogs to target for your Multiscraper Skyscraper campaign by entering a keyword in the search bar and clicking the search button. 

searching for outreach targets in postaga multiscraper skyscraper technique outreach campaign

At this stage, you have a lot of options for search parameters with our advanced search operators.

As an example, you can search specifically for blog posts originally published several years ago. 

using advanced search operators in Postaga to find particular websites based on parameters like when the article was published, as part of a Multiscraper outreach campaign

So, in your outreach pitch, you could say to the contacts, “Hey, I noticed you are linking to a blog article published in 2015. That’s crazy outdated with information that is no longer relevant! You should link to my very-recent blog post instead.”

Pro tip: In addition, you can also conduct multiple searches, so if you want to add another search keyword and find different websites to target, you can do that as well.

After you enter a keyword and hit search, you should see websites with descriptions in those search results.

As you scroll through the search results, you can evaluate each one by clicking on the Get Ahrefs Stats button.

Search results in a multiscraper link building outreach campaign in Postaga, which lets you automatically run a skyscraper technique outreach campaign targeting multiple websites at once

This will give you information on when the article was first published, and an estimate of how many websites with a domain authority (DA) above 25 are linking to it.

Search result in a multiscraper link building outreach campaign in Postaga, integrating with Ahrefs to find stats and relevant data on the target website, including how many links they have with a domain authority (DA) above 25, and when the article was published

In general, the rule with a Skyscraper campaign is “the more backlinks the better”.

But, with Postaga’s Multiscraper campaign, you can easily target many different websites for your campaign, so it’s not any extra work to target a website that only has a few backlinks.

Once you are happy with the target websites you have selected, you can click the Analyze Targets button at the bottom of the page.

target results automated skyscraper postaga

Postaga will give you details on every link that points to your target website, including its URL, domain rating, and when it first linked to the target website URL.

At this stage, you can remove any links of websites that you do not want to reach out to.

By clicking the red X, you can exlcude those websites, and you also have the option to blacklist the domains if you want to exclude them from future campaigns as well.


When you are happy with these results, you can click the Analyze Backlinks button at the bottom of this section.

Next, Postaga will find the best contacts at each of these websites.

Finding the right contact people at websites in Postaga

Here, Postaga will automatically try to find the best contact for each of these websites.

But, you can also edit each contact if you would like, or select a different contact by clicking the + icon to the left of each contact.

Postaga has an integration with LinkedIn that can help you find a different person at a company. If you want to change the target contact, just click the Use Contact button next to the contact you want to select.

Finding the right contact in Postaga

When you’re satisfied here, click Get Contacts and Postaga will retrieve and verify email addresses for contacts at each of these websites.

finding contacts' email addresses and validating them in postaga

After you get the contacts’ email addresses, you can build an email sequence for them.

email sequence selection in Postaga

Once you choose your email sequence, you can preview how each email in the sequence is going to look for every contact.

Postaga automatically fills in relevant information for each contact using its built-in smart merge fields, so you don’t need to spend time personalizing emails for every contact.

Every email in this campaign is going to be tailored to each contact for their blog post and the target blog post that they are linking to.

email preview in Postaga showing what emails will look like for every contact in this link building outreach campaign

This is one of the amazing time-saving aspects of Postaga. This shows how you can really build multiple Skyscraper outreach campaigns at once.

If you see any merge fields that show up in the color red, it means that that respective merge field needs to be edited. Here is an example of how we do that:

editing email campaign merge fields in postaga

Once that’s all set, you can schedule and send the campaign out.


And just like that, in a few minutes, you’ve built several different Skyscraper outreach campaigns at once, saving a ton of time and effort over the typical Skyscraper process.

And that’s all done using the Multiscraper outreach campaign in Postaga.

Feel free to check it out, and let us know what you think.

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