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A Better Way to Build Links…

Still doing manual outreach and PR? Postaga’s AI Outreach Assistant will change the way you build traffic to your site.

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Postaga is an Outreach Tool that Helps You:

Get More Backlinks

Drive more traffic to your site through product reviews, resources lists, and roundups.

Get More Shares

Get shares from people that you’ve mentioned or linked to in your blog posts.

Build More Relationships

Build relationships with people in your industry looking for content or products like yours.

Discover Outreach Opportunities

Postaga gives you a head start on outreach by finding the right promotion opportunities for the right content

Find the Right Contacts

Postaga analyzes links to find the right contacts along with their email address, Twitter handle, and LinkedIn profile.

Get More Responses

Set your outreach and follow up on autopilot and watch your response rates skyrocket.

We increased our traffic at by 32% after using Postaga for only a month!

Sound Personal, Not Spammy

No one likes to receive template emails. Postaga’s AI assistant finds key snippets and information to make emails more personal.

Postaga is a powerful outreach tool for SEOs that are hungry to find new ways to build organic backlinks. This tool straight away outlines every single effective link building outreach strategy and automates it for you with ease – saving you many hours of time and effort.

Alex Kalos

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