10 Benefits Of PR For Growing Your Business

Andy Cabasso

May 14th

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There is no such thing as bad publicity, as the saying goes. But what if you have no publicity? No publicity is much worse than bad publicity! So how does PR help your business? Let us count the ways; there are 10 of them! 

Public relations uses free media coverage to stimulate awareness and demand for your company’s products or services and foster a positive image. This coverage can help you broaden your business’s reach. As PR focuses on garnering free editorial coverage instead of paying for advertising, it’s one of the most cost-effective traditional marketing techniques you can use to help your business and give it a competitive advantage. 

#1: PR Increases Your Brand Awareness

You might have the best product in the world, but if your potential customers in your target market don’t know you exist, it doesn’t matter. That’s why brand recognition is one of the most important public relations strategies;  it expands your customer base by letting more prospective customers learn about your product or service. 

One of the numerous benefits of Postaga is that we have everything you could dream of to increase your brand awareness, and Postaga eliminates the need to hire an expensive public relations agency to run campaigns to promote your small business. 

#2: PR Builds Trust, Credibility, and Authority

All you have is your reputation. That’s true for individuals and businesses. If your business is young or has been under the radar, it doesn’t have the kind of reputation customers will trust. 

Years of good business practices can help your company build trust, credibility, and authority, but you don’t have that kind of time! You need to build beneficial relationships with some heavy hitters in your industry so they’ll vouch for you. 

Postage builds trust for your brand with outreach campaigns that help build strong relationships that get you featured in trusted blogs and news sites. Postaga establishes you and your brand as an authority in your industry and a reliable company consumers can trust.

Running a podcast campaign in Postaga will get you interviews on popular podcasts, increasing your authority and reach. And Podcast audiences can be lucrative; 45% of podcast listeners have a household income over $250,000. 

#3: PR Has Serious SEO Benefits

If your SEO game isn’t on point, you aren’t in the game at all. PR can increase your company’s online profile by featuring it on top websites and other platforms. This strategy boosts your SEO game and lifts you higher in online search results. 

Being written about by journalists has real SEO benefits. People pay thousands of dollars to be featured on high DA sites; doing some PR can land you some impactful backlinks.  

#4: Reach a Wider Audience

As a small business, you know your target audience, and you’ve built a product or service to meet their needs. But the more people who know about your company, the more potential customers you have. 

Public relations efforts in the right places can help you reach a much larger audience than you dreamed possible. 

#5: Maintain a Positive Brand Image

More and more consumers are voting with their dollars to make a social and political impact. People want to spend money with companies that treat their employees, the environment, and the world around them well. 

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If I asked you who treats its employees better, Costco or Walmart, you know the answer is Costco. You know that because Costco’s public relations specialists make sure of it. So much so that it has become part of Costco’s identity. PR can similarly help increase the visibility of the good in the world your company does by highlighting things like community events, fundraisers, and other newsworthy events. 

#6: Reputation Management Through PR

Sometimes someone screws up. Or maybe they don’t, but an unfair review gets a lot of traction. Or a legit lousy review like the New York Times food critic Pete Wells’ legendary takedown of Michelin starred restaurant Per Se, during which he compared matsutake mushroom bouillon to bong water! 

Cases like these call for a specific branch of PR called Reputation PR, which aims to protect or improve a business’s online image and save damaged customer relations. Reputation PR can help remove negative mentions of your brand and respond appropriately to online customer reviews, good and bad. 

Remember above when we said there is no such thing as bad publicity? It’s largely accurate, but not always! Into every business, a little bad publicity might fall, and you might need crisis management, another distinct branch of PR. Crisis management isn’t for minor screw-ups. It’s for the big stuff like your fried chicken restaurants running out of chicken! 

I had a ball reading about some legendary PR turnarounds that not only saved a company’s reputation but increased their visibility too. My favorite is the tale of the KFC, FCK bucket!  

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#7: PR Attracts Investors

You already know PR can attract customers, but you may not know it can also attract investors and accelerate your business growth! It takes money to make money, and while your business is doing great, the only way to grow and meet your future business goals is to have an infusion of capital. So you need investors. 

The right PR strategy can attract venture capitalists, angel investors, and other kinds of investors by boosting your bone fides as a company worth investing in. 

#8: PR Attracts and Retains Talented Employees

Remember above how we talked about Costco’s strong reputation for treating their employees well? Yeah, that doesn’t just attract customers; it attracts good employees too. 

Talented people are in demand and, as such, can be more choosy when looking for a new job. If you were looking for a job in a grocery store, where would you rather work Costco or Walmart? Costco, of course, no one with that choice would choose Walmart. 

Talented, happy employees are good for the bottom line. High turnover hurts productivity and profits. Every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it can cost six to nine months’ salary on average. 

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#9: Build Connections

We all know how important networking is, no matter what your business is. PR is just another way to say networking. PR helps build connections with influencers and journalists, the very people who can get your brand out there and come to your rescue if you need some crisis management. 

With Postaga, you can seamlessly build long-term, positive relationships with journalists, trustworthy news sources, marketers, and influencers. 

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#10: PR Can Generate Leads

While the primary purpose of PR is not lead generation, it can help a company do so in a roundabout way. Good PR exposes you to more people, and some of those people can turn into leads. So make sure your cold reach game is on deck so you can pounce on those opportunities. 

Let’s Wrap It Up!

Are you convinced? If, despite this dazzling list, we’ve not persuaded you, get a load of this. PR can be 90% more effective than advertising! PR is typically less expensive too. Boom! Mike drop. 

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