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We want Postaga to be free to use so we rely on a few other free tools to help us out. One of those tools is the awesome,

One key feature of Postaga is the ability to find contact information for relevant websites and blogs for you to reach out to. helps make this happen.

First, create a free account with here.

Once your account is created, you will need to verify your account here.

Finally, get your API key and add that to your Postaga account.

When you are logged into, you can go here to get your unique API key.

Then, click the copy button next to the API key, which will copy the key to your clipboard, so you can then paste it into Postaga.

Lastly, you can go into your Postaga account > Settings > API (here’s a link) and paste in the API key under the section that says Hunter API Key.

Now, your Hunter account will be connected to Postaga, so you can start getting contact information for different websites you want to reach out to.

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