Postaga Joins the TinySeed Startup Accelerator!

Andy Cabasso

May 5th

It’s been almost a year since we first launched Postaga on Product Hunt, officially introducing Postaga to the world (more on that launch story here).

And now, we’re taking our next step on our journey.

We’re excited to officially announce that Postaga has joined the TinySeed startup accelerator program!

What is TinySeed?

The TinySeed accelerator is a program that provides mentorship, networking, and a small amount of funding, to help bootstrapped startups accelerate their growth. 

Founded by serial entrepreneurs, Rob Walling and Einar Vollset, TinySeed was built to help early-stage SaaS companies grow, without the headaches of traditional fundraising, loss of control, and pressure, that come with venture capital.

TinySeed is run by the same people behind MicroConf, an online community and conference for bootstrapped and mostly-bootstrapped SaaS startups. 

The TinySeed program receives hundreds of applications for each batch, and accepts less than 2% of all applicants into the program.

Why TinySeed?

Postaga has been bootstrapped from the beginning – self-funded by us.

Before TinySeed, we had not taken any outside financial investment, though we have had many conversations with potential investors.

In part, it’s been because we didn’t see the real need. We’ve been able to self-fund this business and grow it. We didn’t see the value-add that the financial investment would provide beyond what we’d be able to achieve bootstrapped on our own.

That was, at least, until we came across TinySeed.

TinySeed’s values are aligned with ours.

They don’t run a VC model of “throw money at a bunch of startups, know that most of them will fail, and hope that one of them becomes worth $1bn and makes the ROI worth it.”

TinySeed is interested in helping founders grow their businesses faster, by leveraging their network of experienced founders and mentors who have been in the trenches and can better counsel their accelerator batch companies.

The money helps, but is not nearly as valuable as the coaching and mentorship the program provides. We are excited to learn from these experts who can help Postaga better serve its customers and grow faster.

What Does This Mean for Postaga Users?

That sounds all well and good, but you might be wondering – “As a Postaga user, what does this mean for me?”

Only good things!

We are excited that through TinySeed, we are going to be able to: 

  • Invest more in the features you want to see
  • Have mentors that can facilitate partnerships with your favorite apps, and 
  • Take Postaga to new heights

Also, we want to take a moment to thank you for joining us on this journey.

We wouldn’t be here today without your support.

All the best,

Andy and Sam

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