19 Amazing Sales Prospecting Tools That Will Help You Fill the Pipeline

Andy Cabasso

September 12th

Group of people using prospecting tools to find Leads.

Do you want to fill in the sales pipeline but constantly struggle to do everything that’s required? Are you looking for sales prospecting software to help you scale your efforts?

I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this – Sales is a darn hard job. And no, I don’t just refer to the actual selling, you know, qualifying leads, cold calling, email outreach, establishing relationships with leads, closing deals, and so on. 

What I mean is that, sometimes, we have so much to do that it’s so hard to keep up. 

From experience, I know that in those moments, it’s the prospecting that suffers. 

Well, the good news is that many software platforms help us prospect better and faster, use more insightful data, engage prospects better, and of course, close more deals. 

In this guide, we’ll look at 19 amazing sales prospecting tools. We’ll discuss what they’re good for, how much they cost, and whether you should use them to find more potential customers.  

Let’s get right to it.

What is Sales Prospecting, and How Do Different Tools Can Help You Streamline It?

Person searching for sales prospects.

The term – sales prospecting – refers to a process that helps sales reps find, qualify, and connect with potential customers. 

What’s important (and something that sales teams often miss) about sales prospecting is that finding the right buyers isn’t the end goal. You prospect for leads to close more deals and generate more revenue for the company. 

But naturally, that’s impossible to do unless you find those people first, right? What’s more, you also need to identify that they are the right fit for your product, collect their contact information (i.e., phone number, email address, etc.), and then use it to connect with them and kick start the sales conversation.

This brings me to another aspect of sales prospecting – It’s rarely a single, unified sales process. Instead, you should think of prospecting as a collection of steps or jobs-to-be-done that, once you go through it all, delivers the right results. 

The process might differ from company to company. In general, however, sales prospecting involves the following steps:

  • Building a prospect list and identifying the right customers for your business
  • Finding their contact details and other information about them
  • Qualifying them based on the information you’ve collected
  • Reaching out with cold calling, cold emails, and other strategies to start the conversation
  • Scheduling meetings and sales calls
  • Engaging your leads and doing hundreds of other things to bring them closer to sale. 

All in all, it’s an exhausting process that can take a toll on you, especially if you do most of those tasks manually. 

That’s why having the right sales prospecting software comes in handy. 

Sales prospecting tools help you automate many of the steps I listed above and allow you to scale your efforts without losing the human approach. In most cases, the software acts just as a means to speed up or scale certain, otherwise time-consuming tasks. 

Why use sales prospecting tools?

Person using a magnet to generate sales prospects.

There are three key benefits of incorporating prospecting software into your processes:

For one, such tools save you a ton of time

 Person saving a lot of her time because  of sales prospecting tools.

We just talked about this. Sales prospecting software allows you to do more tasks that help you get leads closer to the finishing line. Think about email outreach, building relationships with them using social media or other channels, and so on. 

  • Sending cold emails manually takes a ridiculous amount of time. But with the right cold emailing software, you can engage hundreds of prospects without actually doing anything.
  • It’s often impossible to find prospects’ contact information without spending hours digging online. A solid email verification tool will do the same thing in seconds, and so on. 

Sales prospecting tools help you scale your efforts too

I don’t know if you remember this, but back in the day, we had to cold call a ridiculous number of leads to find the ones who were a fit for our product or service. Today, we can use various tools and datasets to qualify them and reach out only to the right people. That’s not only a huge time-saver, but these tools allow us to build much larger prospecting lists faster. 

Finally, sales prospecting software can provide data points that other teams (such as customer service) can find useful as well.

Most sales prospecting tools can integrate and share data with other platforms your company might be using. The data about customers can flow to your CRM or a customer support platform, where those teams can access it and get a full picture of the customer engagement so far to assist them better. 

It really is that incredible!

So, what are the best sales prospecting tools that you could use? Let’s take a look.

19 Amazing Sales Prospecting Tools and Software You Should Consider

#1. Postaga

Warm up email tool example.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Postaga (disclaimer: this is our tool) combines several sales prospecting tools under one roof. It helps you identify new prospects, find and verify their email addresses, and then send them cold emails and run cold outreach sequences. 

With Postaga, you can connect with new customers and partners quickly, and the process Postaga uses is simple yet effective:

  • Prospecting: The tool will first help you find the right websites, businesses, and contacts to reach out to.
  • Email Outreach: Postaga will then help you build a highly personalized email sequence and connect with your ideal prospects at a scale.
  • Follow-Ups: Postaga will also automatically send email sequence follow-ups and stop once your prospects reply.

What’s more, Postaga features ready-made campaign templates to help you get started with your outreach program faster.

Check out the video below to see how wonderfully Postaga helps scale prospecting and outreach processes.

Pricing: Postaga offers two paid plans – the Pro plan ($99/month) and Agency plan ($299/month).

Check out how Postaga can help you scale sales prospecting and outreach. Sign up for a free 14-day trial.

#2. Leadfeeder

Another example of a sales prospecting tool.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: I have to say, Leadfeeder takes a unique approach to help you find new leads and prospects. Instead of sifting databases or other data sets, it shows you which companies visit your website and lets you assess their engagement by showing you what pages those people visit and how long they spend there. 

How is this helpful? You can research and include relevant people from those companies on your prospecting list, import it to a tool like Postaga, and engage them with amazing outreach emails

These people have visited your website and engaged with your content, after all. The chances are they are already interested and will respond positively to your outreach.

Pricing: Leadfeeder offers a basic, free version that shows you the last seven days of visitor data. To unlock all features, you need to sign up for the Premium plan, starting at €79/mo.

#3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: LinkedIn Sales Navigator taps into the social network’s data and allows you to search for prospects using advanced filters, display more detailed information about prospects, save leads, and reach out to them with InMail. 

Pricing: To avail of everything that LinkedIn Sales Navigator offers, you need to sign up for a paid plan starting at $79.99/mo

#4. Voila Norbert

An email verifier tool.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Voila Norbert is a nifty little tool that allows you to find your prospects’ email addresses easily. To use it, just type the name and the company the person you want to reach out to works for, and the tool will automatically find their email address. 

You can also use Voila Norbert to verify a list of existing email addresses and find out that your email outreach campaign will be sent to the right people, and not dud emails.

Pricing: Email prospecting starts at $49/mo for up to 1000 leads. The email verification tool costs $3 for a thousand emails to verify.

#5. Hunter

The best email finder for sales prospecting.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Hunter is another email verification tool that helps you find your prospects’ emails or verify the ones on your existing prospecting list. What’s more, with Hunter, you can also search for people and emails by companies, allowing you to find the best person to reach out to in a company you want to target.

TIP: Such a feature would work amazingly well combined with the data delivered by Leadfeeder. With Leadfeeder, you’d know which companies are interested in your products or services. Hunter would help you discover who are the best prospects to contact there and find you those peoples’ email addresses.

Pricing: Hunter offers a free plan. Paid plans start at €49/mo for 500 monthly searches.

#6. Clearbit Connect

Amazing sales prospecting software.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Clearbit Connect is another email finder tool. However, it was designed specifically for Gmail and works as a Gmail chrome extension. So, if you love using the Gmail interface and don’t want to switch to other tools, Clearbit Connect might be a great option for you. 

Pricing: Clearbit Connect is free to sign up and use.

#7. FindThatLead

Another example of software that helps sales reps prospect and fill in the pipeline.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: FindThatLead is a service similar to Hunter. It allows you to research people at companies you’d like to target, use filters to sort through them and find relevant prospects to reach out to.

Secondly, FindThatLead offers a Chrome extension that allows you to find email addresses directly from your browser. 

Pricing: You can start using FindThatLead for €49/mo. For that price, you receive 5000 monthly credits. 

#8. Skrapp

A sales prospecting tool used to find email addresses of potential customers.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Skrapp is an email finder that connects with LinkedIn. The tool allows you to find email addresses of any professional using the data from the social network, enrich it with additional data points, and build segmented prospecting lists quickly. 

Skrapp also offers a Chrome extension, so you can access its features directly from the browser. 

Pricing: Skrapp packages start at $49/mo. This entry plan allows you to find 1000 emails per month.

#9. Datanyze Insider

Lead intelligence data tool.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Datanyze offers a Chrome browser extension that allows you to get contact information, including email addresses and mobile numbers, directly from LinkedIn profiles and company websites. 

Pricing: Datanyze offers an impressive 90-day free trial. Its paid plans start at $29/mo, for which you receive 80 credits per month. 

#10. Mention

Market monitoring tool for sales.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Mention started off as a social media monitoring tool. Over time, it expanded to also monitor brand or keyword mentions across the entire web. You can use it to learn what your potential customers are saying about your brand or what conversations they have about products like yours, and use that insight when engaging with them with cold calling or email outreach. 

Pricing: Mention offers a free plan that covers 1000 mentions. Paid plans start at €29/mo.

#11. ZoomInfo

An extensive database of professional business information.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: When you sign up for ZoomInfo, you get access to a massive business database that helps you identify and qualify prospects and build prospecting lists to connect with those people. 

Pricing: ZoomInfo does not make its pricing plans publicly available. You need to get in touch with the company for that information. 

#12. Owler

Company monitoring tool.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Owler provides extensive (and, as the company claims, exclusive) company and industry insights to help you find potential prospects by researching companies similar to your customers. You can also use Owler to monitor industry news and access tons of other data points to identify companies that would be a great fit for your products or services. 

Finally, Owler lets you follow companies as well as your competitors and get updates about them to identify new business opportunities.

Pricing: Owler offers a free forever plan that allows you to follow up to 5 companies and up to 3 competitors. To access advanced features and follow unlimited companies, you need to be on a Pro plan (at $35 per month – billed yearly) or Max (starting at $50 per month – billed yearly with a 5-seat minimum.)

#13. Calendly

Appointment scheduling tool for sales.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Once you’re connected with the right people, it’s time to take the next step and schedule a meeting or a sales presentation. Calendly is one of several tools on the market that make the task ridiculously easy. With Calendly, you can send leads a link to your meeting booking page, where they can select the time that works best for them. Or alternatively, you can embed the booking page on your website, where both prospects and website visitors can schedule meetings with you directly. 

Pricing: Calendly offers a free plan that allows you to create a single booking page. To use multiple booking calendars, you need to sign up for any of the paid plans, starting at $10/mo.

#14. Doodle

Enterprise-level sales meeting scheduler/

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Doodle is another meeting scheduling tool offering similar features to Calendly. However, Doodle seems to target larger, enterprise-level companies and offers functionality that allows organizing meetings at a scale. With Doodle, sales teams can create dedicated booking pages, schedule 1:1 meetings, run group polls, and more. 

Pricing: Doodle offers a free forever plan that allows you to create one booking page. Paid plans start at €6.95/mo per user and are billed annually.

#15. Rebump

Email follow-up tool.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: If there’s one thing that all sales reps dread, it’s following up. It’s a tedious task, and yet, you have no option but to do it. Now, tools like Postaga automate it at a scale and are ideal when you’re reaching out to groups of prospects at a time. 

But what if you’re emailing someone manually? How can you even remember to follow up with them after a specific time?

That’s where Rebump, a small Gmail plugin, comes in handy. Rebump sends gentle follow-up nudges to your email recipients. It does not run custom email sequences. Instead, it uses a predefined schedule to gently nudge a prospect to reply to your email. 

Pricing: Rebump plans start at $7 per month. 

#16. Close

Powerful CRM with sales prospecting capabilities.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Close is a full-scale CRM tool that offers several features to speed up and scale your sales prospecting: With Close, you can easily import and update leads and prospects data. You can use smart views and advanced search features to qualify and identify the best prospects for each outreach campaign. Furthermore, Close offers email outreach capabilities, proactive dialer, emailing, and more to help you reach and engage potential customers and close more deals. 

Pricing: Close starts at $29 per month for up to 3 users. 

#17. Reply

Reply cold email software.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Reply is a sales engagement tool that allows you to reach potential customers with email outreach campaigns on LinkedIn, SMS or WhatsApp and more. Reply also offers an email finder, an AI assistant to help with your campaigns, and analytics to monitor the progress of your campaign. 

Pricing: Reply offers different packages depending on whether you’re an individual, a business, or an agency. Overall, individual and business packages start at $70 per user per month, although they differ by what you get for the price. Agency packages start at $60 per month per account.

#18. Outreach.io

A sales engagement platform.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Outreach is another sales engagement automation platform that’s powered by an AI to maximize prospecting productivity. 

How does this happen? The platform offers proven engagement workflows based on incredibly extensive data points. It also delivers powerful insights that allow you to make the best decisions and engage prospects with the right action at the right time. 

Pricing: Outreach.io does not make its pricing information available on the website. 

#19. Mailshake 

Sales prospecting software example.

How it helps scale sales prospecting: Mailshake is a sales engagement and automation software. The tool still focuses on what a typical outreach tool should do – Reach new prospects, engage with them, and initiate a sales conversation. 

Mailshake offers all the features that you’d expect from such a sales prospecting tool: Email outreach automation, email personalization, campaign scheduling, email templates, and more. 

Pricing: Mailshake offers two separate products. To use it for email outreach, you need to sign up for a $58/mo plan (billed annually). To use Mailshake for sales engagement, you need to add the Sales Engagement package for an additional $83/mo (also billed annually).

And there you have it…

19 amazing sales prospecting software tools that will help you scale your efforts and get more prospects into the pipeline.

All that’s left for you to do is go through each tool on the list, test the ones you like, and implement them into your workflow.

Good luck!

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