Search Filters, Improved Analytics, and the Email Template Library

Sam Brodie

September 14th

We’ve been busy building a lot of great stuff to make your outreach efforts even more effective.

Our new Email Template Library has over 20 brand new email templates for you to try out and customize. We’ll be adding more in the coming weeks and months as we find new, effective ways to stand out in someone’s inbox.

Next, we have a bunch of new search filters when you’re gathering opportunities. Filter opportunities by TLD, or, with our Ahrefs integration, you can filter by DR.

Then, we’ve improved the stats that you can get from sequences so you can now see average open rate and overall reply rate for all of your sequences.

Finally, if you don’t know what to do next, we’ve added a progress bar to help guide you to outreach success.

Let’s dive in!

Email Template Library

With over 20 new email templates that you can add to your collection, you can now find more inspiration when doing your email outreach, whether it’s for link building or sales.

To add an email template to your collection, simply click the download button on the right. Or, if you want to see the text of the email template, you can open it up with the plus button on the left.

You can also use the Category dropdown at the top to filter the templates by outreach type.

Opportunity Search Filters

One often-requested feature is the ability to filter the search results.

So first, we added the ability to filter by TLD. Often times you may want to filter out .edu or .gov sites where your chances of actually finding a receptive contact are slim to none. Or you may want to restrict results to only TLDs from a particular country. Now you can!

Also, with our Ahrefs integration, you can now filter by DR. So if you want to only target a certain range of DR sites, like 40-70, that are most likely to link to you, you can do that now too.

Better Stats for Sequences

Want to see what sequences are performing best? Or maybe you want to find underperforming sequences so you can improve them?

Now, Postaga has better stats for sequences so you know exactly how your sequences are performing. You can see average open rates across all emails of your sequence (for open rates for a particular email, you can go to the email stats). Also, you can find the total reply rate through the entire sequence (and again, for individual reply rates on each email, you can go to the email stats).

Progress Bar

Sometimes you don’t want to have to think about what you should do next. Now, Postaga will help guide you every step of the way on your outreach journey with our new Progress Bar.

Open up the progress bar to see what you’ve done so far, and what you should do next.

UI Revamp

We’ve also made several UI/UX improvements, like the ability to see who launched a particular campaign:

Other UI/UX improvements include:

Ability to search emails sent for particular email address

Faster loading for new and existing campaigns

Refreshed look for emails, sequences, users, and accounts lists

Have any feature requests that you’d like us to work on? Feel free to leave them in the comments section, or send support an email.

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