How to Blacklist Email Addresses / Do Not Contact

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Sometimes you might want to not send outreach emails to particular addresses.

Postaga has a Blacklist / Do Not Contact feature to help you set this up.

There are two different different avenues for blacklisting / not contacting certain addresses, domains, and contacts.

First, there is blacklisting domains at the account level.

From the dashboard, we’ll visit your Account page by going to Settings > Account.

Then, you will see a big box for “Domain Blacklist

Postaga your account

To add a domain to the blacklist, just type in or paste a URL on a new line in the Domain Blacklist box.

If you have a list of mayny domains you want to blacklist, whether from a document or a spreadsheet, you can paste them in to the Domain Blacklist box as well.

When you are finished, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Once a domain is added to the Domain Blacklist, any new Postaga campaigns will not send to any of the domains on this list.

However, if you add a domain to the Domain Blacklist, and a Postaga campaign with that domain you just added is already created and in-progress, the Postaga campaign will still send any subsequent emails to that domain if there are any remaining in the campaign.

So, if someone asks you to remove them from subsequent emails, you should make sure that you: 1) add them to the Domain Blacklist; and 2) Ensure that their campaign is completed or that their Email contact is deleted from the Contacts page.

The second method of blacklisting an email address is done at the campaign level.

To do this, you will create a new Postaga campaign.

After you select your campaign type and select the websites you want to reach out to, you will get to the Links stage.

Postaga contact finder helps you find people's contact information

At the Links stage, you can click the big red X to exclude these contacts, either from this specific campaign, or add them to the Domain Blacklist.

exclude contacts in Postaga campaign to blacklist them either from a specific Postaga campaign or add them to the Domain Blacklist and never send future campaigns to them

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