Setting Up Your Profile

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Your Profile page contains all the information related to your specific user profile.

This page lets you set your campaign’s From Name, Receiving Email, and (if you set up a Custom Domain) Outreach Email Address.

To edit your profile, after logging into Postaga, from the Postaga Dashboard, go to Settings > Profile.

user profile screen in Postaga

As a default, the information you entered in setting up your account will fill in the fields.

The fields are:

  • First Name – your first name as it will appear in email headers
  • Last Name – your last name as it will appear in email headers
  • User Email – your email address used to login to Postaga (cannot be changed)
  • Receiving Email – the address all email replies will send to (this can be whatever email address you want)
  • Outreach Email – the emaill address your campaigns are sent from (this can be changed by setting up a Custom Domain)

If you have not set up a Custom Domain then you cannot change the outreach email address.

However, once you complete the Custom Domain steps, your Profile screen will look like this:

user profile screen in Postaga

After a Custom Domain is set up, you can modify your Outreach Email address to whatever username you choose.

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