How Do I Use Spintax?

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Over time, email servers can decrease your deliverability if they see too many similar messages coming from you consistently.

One way to avoid this is with Spintax (short for “Spin Syntax”).

Using Spintax, you can rotate between different phrases in your email text to make them more unique for each of your recipients.

Using Spintax, you can rotate between different phrases in your email text to make them more unique.

As an example, with Spintax, you can rotate your greetings, so that your recipients will get slightly different versions, like:

“Hey {{contact_first}}”or “Hi {{contact_first}}” or “Aloha {{contact_first}}”.

If you use Spintax in multiple places, you can get tons of variations from a single email template, improving your email deliverability.

To add Spintax to an email template, go into the Emails page.

Email setup page in Postaga

Then, either create a new email by clicking the New Email button, or edit an existing template by clicking the Edit icon next to the email you would like to modify.

Creating a Spintax Section

When you’re creating your email template, you can add a Spintax section like this:



{{SPIN}}What do you think?||How does that sound to you?||Are you interested in discussing this further?{{ENDSPIN}}

{{SPIN}}I loved this article you wrote||I was intrigued by this post||I appreciated how you covered this topic{{ENDSPIN}}

Here’s how this all works mechanically:

So, first, you will need to add “{{SPIN}}” to start the section of Spintax, following it by the word or phrase you want to use.

Next, add two pipe separators “||” to separate that Spintax variation, then adding your next variation, followed by as many more of the pipe separators that you need, and then adding “{{ENDSPIN}}” at the end.

Spintax in Postaga email template to rotate phrases and improve email deliverability

In this previous example, {{SPIN}}Hey||Aloha||Hi{{ENDSPIN}} is an example of this new Spintax feature. Since there are 3 variations within that SPIN block, roughly 1/3 of your recipients would get each version (chosen randomly).

Since this example has 4 Spintax blocks of 3 variations, 3 variations, 3 variations and 2 variations respectively, the total number of unique emails created by this is 3 * 3 * 3 * 2, or 54, different variations!

Once you have a SPIN block in your email, Postaga will randomly select a variation in each email that it sends out!

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