Setting up Nexweave Integration with Postaga

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Postaga has a direct integration with Nexweave.

Nexweave is an image and video personalization tool that lets you insert personalized images and videos into your emails.

Nexweave homepage

With this integration, you can send emails in Postaga that have images or videos in them that are personalized for the recipients. 

Setting up the Nexweave Integration

First, you will need an account at Nexweave.

Then, we will need to generate an API key in Nexweave.

Nexweave API key generation

To generate an API key:

1. Navigate to the Integrations section

2. Click on Add Key 

3. Enter a name for the key and click on add key again, to confirm

4. An API key will be generated. You can click on the Copy icon against this key to copy it. We will next paste this into our Postaga account.

Next, go into your Postaga account and navigate to the APIs page.

Inserting Nexweave API key in Postaga

Paste the Nexweave API key into the Nexweave API Key box. Then click save on the bottom of the page.

To confirm the integration, create an email template.

Then, on the page, scroll down and click the Nexweave icon on the bottom-right part of thee template.

Nexweave icon in Postaga email templates

Now, you will be promted to enter in your API key.

Nexweave API key enter in Postaga

Enter it, then click the the sign in button.

Now, you are connected!

Creating a personalized email with Postaga and Nexweave

You can now choose a campaign from Nexweave to integrate to your Postaga emails, and have Postaga merge fields connect to those values to personalize the Nexweave videos and images for your recipients!

Once you are done, then you can either hit the close button on the bottom-right, or click Insert Experience to add a Nexweave personalized image or video to your email.


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