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You can test emails and campaigns in Postaga with our testing options.

In Postaga, there are three levels where you can set up tests:

  1. Account level: send every email in all campaigns to a test recipient instead of the actual contact email.
  2. Campaign level: any email  within that campaign to a test recipient instead of the actual contact email.
  3. Contact level: send an individual email to a test email address before sending out a campaign.

Account-Wide Testing

postaga testing mode at account level

To set your campaign’s default status to be in testing mode, go to Your Account, scroll down to the bottom and select Testing Mode. 

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It should be noted that once you select Testing Mode, every campaign you create will be in Testing Mode until it is deselected.

Campaign and Contact Testing

When you are creating a campaign, you have two options for running tests. You can either do a one-off email test (where a single email in your sequence will send to you), or you can set your campaign so that every email in the campaign will go to your specified testing account.

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To send an individual test email, you will need to be at the Email Preview part of the campaign creation process. During this step, you can click the Test Email button below the email in the preview pane. Then, enter the email address for the test and click send.

test email in postaga campaign

To make it so every email in the campaign goes to your specified testing account, you will set this at the end of the campaign setup, under the heading Rules and Scheduling.

Postaga campaign scheduling and rules

Below the schedule button is a Testing Mode button. If selected, the email sequence will send all the emails to your email address, but not your actual target recipients. This is used for situations where you want to confirm all emails contacts will receive.

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