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You can manage all of your Postaga account settings by visiting your Account page.

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Here, you have the ability to edit different account-related items including:

  • Account Name – The name of this account for admin purposes
  • Blog Domain – The main domain URL of your blog’s website (e.g. if your blog is “”, it would be “”)
  • Timezone – The timezone that you would like all email scheduling to follow
  • Domain Blacklist – Domains that you do not want to send emails to (be sure to add your own domains)
  • Default Tweet – The text of the default tweet of the Twitter link in a contact result
  • Custom Merge Fields – You can add custom merge variables that relate to your blog post, outbound links, or specific contact. To learn more about custom merge fields, check out our guide on them here.
  • Address – Your business address, for CANSPAM Act compliance purposes
  • CANSPAM Compliance –  Check this button if you wish to include your address and an opt-out message in the footer of your email messages in order to comply with US CANSPAM regulation
  • Testing Mode – Send emails to a testing email address rather than the designated recipient
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