Creating Emails

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In Postaga, you can go to the Emails tab and click Emails to see the template emails you have. Some are templates we created available for your use so you can get going right away.

Email setup in Postaga

You can also create a new email from scratch. Just click New Email on the top-right part of the page.

Then you will get to choose an Admin Name for the email (that the recipient will not see) as well as an Email Subject.

drafting emails in postaga

If you want to have your emails be part of a continuous thread, all you need to do is have the same subject for all emails in the sequence; no need to add “Re:”.

Then, you can fill the body of the email text with whatever you want.

On the right side of the page is a cheat sheet of different merge variables you can enter that will personalize the email to your recipient.

One additional powerful feature of Postaga is that you can custom create your own merge variables.

custom merge variables in postaga

To do this, just go into Settings > Account, and then scroll down and create merge variables that will be related to either your post, the contact person, or the link to your contact’s website.

custom merge fields in postaga

Once you’re happy with your email, click save.

To use the email in a campaign, just add the email to a sequence.

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